Press Release: Jon Huber, Formerly of C.A.O., Creates New Cigar Company

Jon Huber, the former director of lifestyle marketing for C.A.O. International Inc., has formed a new cigar company with three other former employees of C.A.O. The new venture is called Crowned Heads LLC.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, where C.A.O. was located until it was moved to Virginia, Crowned Heads consists of Huber, Mike Conder, formerly C.A.O.’s senior VP of marketing; Michael Trebing, who served as C.A.O.’s creative media manager, and Nancy Heathman, who was C.A.O.’s graphic designer.

“It’s going to be very different from what we did at C.A.O.,” said Huber, who said Crowned Heads would be a boutique company that eschews titles, offices and cubicles. The company has begun to meet with tobacco brokers to develop a brand and by year’s end it hopes to have a cigar with five sizes on the market. Huber said that having a cigar ready for the industry trade show in July was a “possibility, but not a probability,” and said he would try to take cigar smokers “behind the scenes” to see how the company develops its products along the way.

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So THAT’s what the “CH’ hat means that Jon was photographed wearing recently!

Awesome! Now all of the happenings involving CAO are starting to make more sense.

Good luck Jon, can’t wait to try the new stuff in the future.

I am happy for Jon. I have been acquainted with him for over 10-years. I hope he and his company have tons of success.

Good luck John. And I’m sure if he needs any help testing any of the new smokes he and his new team will be developing he’ll be able to find someone to help out right?

Jon Who? Have i missed something?
Give me a cigar not cigar celebrities.
Bored now, why do you people care?
Have a break from twitter and facebook…go for a walk or something!

Yes, Jacob, you missed something.

Jacob – I don’t know you but I just came across your comment. I agree with you.

To this point, we (CH) have done NOTHING. Four Kicks will be out next week. Jury is out. This brand (and our company) will live & die by our product. We are not going to build this machine around a “personality” or “a face.” We have spent 11 of the last 12 months preparing to build this around our product (CIGARS).

Thanks for your candid honesty. God bless.

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