Rare Ash: Camacho Liberty 2002 Churchill

Camacho Liberty 2002 band

Welcome to the first review in our Rare Ash series. Here we smoke hard to find cigars. We alter our rules a little bit, and smoke only one cigar for the review because finding two might be impossible. Hope you enjoy the series.

In July of 2002, the Eiroa family, makers of the Camacho brand of cigars, released a new Honduran puro to celebrate the freedom they had found in America. Their creation: the Camacho Liberty series of ultra-premium cigars. The 2002 Liberty had a production run of only 25,000 cigars; 5,000 cigars of each of the five vitolas were made. The sizes were the Corona, Rothschild, Toro, Torpedo, and the Churchill I smoked for this review. This was the only year five vitolas were released, and only one other year saw more than one vitola, the 2005 Liberty. Later versions of the Liberty even included some pre-embargo Cuban filler in the blend.

Company: Camacho
Made In: Honduras
Made by: Camacho
Size: 7″ x 48
Wrapper: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Binder: Honduran


This Churchill was clad in a medium brown wrapper with lots of tooth and veins; it almost looked like a stick. A clean, slightly crooked cap adorned the head. Some seams were somewhat visible under bright light. Firm throughout with no soft or spongy spots, but not hard. A flag-like red, white, and blue band with Camacho’s distinctive ‘C’ logo is wrapped around the cigar.

First Third

The cap was removed cleanly with my Palio, and took very well to the triple-flame table lighter. Walnut and almost a raisan flavor appeared at the start with light amount of thin white smoke. The draw wass a little deliberate, but certainly not tight. Oily and dark at the very even burn line, and a nice, tight ash that was a bright white color. After the first inch, strong oaky flavors come in, replacing the walnuts and pepper. The burn started to get a little uneven, but it might have been due to my light job. The volume of the smoke picked up. Very creamy mouth feel to the smoke. I tapped the ash after a little bit more than an inch, and it came off in one clean piece.

Camacho Liberty 2002 first third

Second Third

Some spice came in, mixing well with the oak flavors that remained. The burns kept going a bit crooked, but quickly self corrected every time. After a little bit more, the spice mellowed out but was still present. Some nice espresso flavor entered the picture as the spice calms down. The smoke flowed out in copious amounts after initially being limited. Ash wass still white and firm, coming off in 3/4″ chunks. I picked up some faint hints of cocoa on the retrohale.

Camacho Liberty 2002 second third

Last Third

Cocoa flavor increased, and now was in balance with the espresso flavors. A quick re-light was required, probably because I was talking too much and not smoking enough. The draw remained excellent. The cocoa started to overwhelm the espresso in the last inch and a half. I smoked it down until 1″ before the draw got plugged.

Camacho Liberty 2002 last third

Final Thoughts

A medium-to-full bodied smoke with great flavor changes and complexity. After six years of aging, on top of the aging the tobacco received before rolling, really lets the flavors blend together, and is in perfect harmony with each other. The construction was near flawless, with all of the minor draw problems quickly correcting themselves. A tremendous smoke. If you can find one, treat yourself.

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Wow, sounds like a great cigar. Nice review.

Where would you be able to find one of these cigars and for about how much do they go for?


This cigar was gifted to me by a friend who is an avid collector of the Liberty series. I can’t remember where he said he got them, but I believe he paid $12.50 per stick for them.

Been meaning to try this. Where can you find it? I haven’t seen it in any Chicago-area stores.

try the popular online forums. almost always there are some collectors looking to sell something HTF if your timing is right.
i picked up the 5 sizes of these and a 2003 just recently. you’ll probably spend 20-25 a stick.

to name a couple.

be prepared to make some relationships and put in your time before you start asking for cigars that collectors have been aging for years.


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