Redesigning Nice Tight Ash

We here at Nice Tight Ash are about to undertake an overhaul of the look and feel of the site. We’ve been up for close to 7 months now, and already the site has expanded in ways we couldn’t imagine. We never thought we’d add 2 more contributors by now, and video reviews were just a pie in the sky thought back in January. So to handle all of this content, we want to redesign the site. Don’t worry, the logo isn’t going anywhere.

Nice Tight Ash logo

Our main goal is to make past reviews easier to find, and help you find cigars you want to smoke. Web design is my real job, and I know from that one of the best things you can do when redesigning any site is to ask the reviewers of the site what they want. So here is your chance to put in your 2 cents about the redesign. What do you want to see? What don’t you want to see? What can we do better? What should we leave alone? Just leave a comment below, and we’ll take it into consideration as we work on the overhaul.


The Nice Tight Ash crew

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Sounds awesome…can’t wait to see the new design!

As for suggestions, I know first when I found the Nice Tight Ash site, I tried looking for an “About” page to learn a little more about who you guys were, what your smoking backgrounds were, favourite cigars (to find out which review has similar taste to your own), etc.

Also, you need to have a contact email address…I mean, what if one of us wanted to send you some super-rare cigars to review and needed to get in contact with you to find out where to send them? :D

Other than those two suggestions, I can’t think of anything else. Keep up the great work guys!


I like the idea for the “ABOUT US” page!

An index page would be nice too (the one at SR makes it so nice when trying to find a cigar review!)

Drop the Sunday Fiver – just my opinion, dont kill me – but I can see linking to another site for another version or opinion of a review you guys do, but just to post links up is not really worth it IMHO

PLEASE – dont go overboard! There are so many sites that try to make everything so pretty and fancy that I wont go to any more just because I like a crisp clean interface.


Oh, just thought of something that would probably be a nightmare but… Make a database of all the cigars you have reviewed with the wrapper,binder,filler,strength,price(at the time of the review),manufacturer,rating,(anything I left out?) and make it sortable by columns. you could use an online service like google, or you could just make it downloadable, or both.

Like how I want the stuff that will make more work for you guys :)

I agree w/Mike above: I really appreciate the raw honesty of the video reviews, for example. I like that you guys are still (I think, right?) having FUN.

As an add to the Index idea: you could differentiate between cigars you’ve reviewed and those you’d LIKE to review (a “hint, hint” to vendors…).

Mmm: you could also CROSS-LINK to *other* sites’ reviews! Because having to Google the planet for reviews really is sort of annoying… (But like Mike said: more work…)

For a simpler comparison, I think (I am also a pipe guy) has a nice, simple, searchable interface (although I wish they included links to the vendors!).

Oh, following up on the above: (and, no, I am not affiliated in any way, just wanted to make it easier for you to find): MEMBER reviews would be awesome!

And how ’bout some interaction w/commenters? You guys are so… quiet!

Maybe not a full-fledged forum area, but maybe a single forum for visitors to interact w/each other or, more importantly, w/YOU!

Following up on today’s contest entry: this might make a fun topic for a forum thread. I can hear all sorts of riffs on the “The more I know X, the more I love Y” formula, e.g.:

The more experience I have with dogs,
The more I love my Toby*.

The more I play with Toby,
The more I love my Punch

The more I use my cutter,
The more I love my punch.

*Previously noted as both the name of Mr. Punch’s dog and a nic-name for tobacco (Nic-name… get it? Nicotine… aw, c’mon!).

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