Roberto Cigars Blend Test: Reveal

Ok folks…here is the final episode of our series geared towards finding a full bodied blend for Roberto Cigars to add to their line. Here, we go through each blend and Bob tells us what the differences are in each and how they differ from the Standard and Robust Blends that Bob currently produces.

I hope you have all gained or learned something from this series. I had allot of fun doing it and it helped me tremedously in my never ending effort to learn about all things cigars. Be sure to check out Roberto Cigars if you are in the market for anything cigar related and I’ll see you next week as I get back to some regular reviews.

Roberto Cigars Blend Test: Reveal from Nice Tight Ash on Vimeo.

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That was cool! Just changing such little things can have a huge effect. Now I know how some companies put out so damn many blends ;)

Where was the rolling? I wanna see Chris doing hi New Years resolution like a pro =)


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