Rocky Patel Battle: Edge Sumatra vs Renaissance

Rocky Patel discontinued the ever popular Edge Sumatra shortly after its inital release. In 2008, Rocky Patel cigars released the Renaissance. The Renaissance was supposed to be a rebranding of the Edge Sumatra as a new dedicated line. Many people said the cigar was nothing like the old Edge Sumatra. So, to try to settle the debate, I smoked both back to back. What’s the verdict? Watch the video and find out.

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Great to hear how different they are despite what’s being said by the RP folks. Haven’t tried the Renaissance yet, so will have to put it on the to try list. Thanks!

Thanks for the interesting and informative comparison review, Ben!

Nice comparo! So they *are* diff…

And stylin’ in the Iron Maiden, eh?

Have not tried the Renaissance but nice to hear this review.

Excellent review/comparison Ben. I’ve not tried any of them yet, but is good to be informed of the differences between them.

Im gonna have to try the renaissance, my local tobacco store has them on clearance. I also want to try the edge sumatra, I like both the corojo and maduro. Only had 1 edge corojo and I had that while drinking some fine malt liquor…so maybe I should revisit it.

Mornin’ gents: looking forward to the latest greatest review. How *do* you guys keep up???

DJ… I wish I could get a review up for you today but my modem bit the dust. Should be back Monday with a new review. Depending on his schedule Ben might have something for you later today.

I like this comparison cigars review that you should do more often. I wanted to try the RP Renaissance but I don’t known how good their are. Now, I will get some next time to the B&M shop.

Chris: I was just funnin’! You guys put out LOADS o stuff…

Hmmm… what would I do if my modem blitzed… and where *is* my modem??

We should have a mini contest: who’s got a story about the lowest baud rate? (And who remembers baud rate? Like, you know, dial-up?)

Great Review! Keep up the Great Work!

Okay: I added a coupla each to my latest B&M order!

Thanks for confirming what I heard on Cbid. Love the Sumatra… never had the Renaissance.

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