Rocky Patel Decade


When Rocky Patel started in the cigar industry, during the boom years of the late nineties, many onlookers questioned his ability to last  in an industry dominated by families with deep tobacco roots.  So In the fall of 2007 Rocky Patel released a cigar to celebrate his 10th anniversary in the cigar industry.  The aptly named Decade has since gained some acclaim among some mainstream cigar publication, so let’s see how it fairs here. 

Company: Rocky Patel
Made in: Hondourus
Made by: El Paraiso Factory
Size: 5×50
Wrapper: Sumatra
Filler: Secret
Binder: Secret
MSRP: $9.00


These robustos were beautifully constructed with a soft boxed-press.  The dark brown wrapper is reminiscent of milk chocolate and was slightly oily to the touch.  I did not detect any firm or spongy spots down the entire length of the stick, nor did I see any obtrusive veins.  This cigar had a wonderful barnyard aroma, with hints of hay and leather.  I snipped the head with my Palio cutter and took a few pre-light draws.  The cigar had a very easy draw, and I detected a little bit of black pepper on the tongue.  With all that taken care of it was time to set fire to the stick.

First Third

Upon lighting the cigar I noted a lot of black pepper on the tip of my tongue with a nice background of leathery and earthy flavors.  The cigar produced lots of light gray smoke, great for smoke rings. Now on some of the examples I have smoked I was able to taste a little sweetness on my lips, however I did not pick up on that with all the samples.  The sticks burned evenly and in one case even seemed to correct a minor mistake I made in lighting the cigar.


Second Third

As the cigar burned into the second third the black pepper flavors faded away and the cigar took on a bold earthy flavor, with hints of chocolaty espresso.  The cigar continued to burn well.  At about the halfway mark on this cigar I did notice the draw tends to loosen significantly, and becomes almost too easy to smoke.

Last Third

There was little change with the flavor in this cigar form the second to third portions of this cigar so I still detected an earthy base with hints of chocolate and espresso.  The draw did continue to loosen and the stick did become slightly spongy as I smoked this cigar down to the nub.


Final Thoughts

Overall this was a very pleasing cigar.  I would rate it as a medium to full-bodied cigar that offered lots of flavor that I can only expect to become more complex with aging.  However, I was disappointed with the draw because I generally prefer cigars with slightly tighter draws.  I really think this is a great cigar for people to try that normally stick to mild cigars.  Although the cigar is full of flavors it is not the stereotypical “strong” cigar that some people associate with medium to full-bodied cigars.

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I am a big RP fan-boy so it will come as no surprise that I really enjoy this cigar. I didn’t have the draw issues you had, but glad to see it reviewed regardless!

The site is looking good too, keep up the good work!

Great review! The Decade was one of the very first cigars I was introduced to last year. I’ll have to pick up another from my local shop now.

Have a good weekend!

RP puts out a fantastic line of cigars. I must agree, the Decade line is without a doubt one of the finest line of cigars in the world, hands down!

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