Room 101 Namakubi Limited Edition Papi Chula

Matt Booth, the owner of Room 101, brought out a new limited edition cigar called the Namakubi.  I really love the ideas and art behind the Room 101 line because ever since I was a young teenager I’ve been interested in Japanese culture, especially the samurai.  I was a practitioner of Aikido for many years which fueled my interest even more.  The Namakubi really caught my eye, not only with the great blood red and black art work, but the name itself.  Namakubi means “freshly severed head” in which a samurai would present his general or other leader with a severed head of a fallen enemy, usually someone of equal importance or stature.  This cigar is available in 5 sizes:

My local cigar store received the Papi Chulo (which I’m reviewing today), Roxxo and Monstro.  Garrett Calhoun, the infamous,of Davidoff, gave myself and Shawn a sample on his visit to the shop when the shop ordered.  I was blown away.  Since then I’ve probably smoked at least half a box of the Papi Chulos.  Check out the video and see what else I thought of the cigar.

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My favorite size in the whole line. I’ve had my fair share of that size as well. Great smoke!

Bought a few earlier today can’t wait to smoke one. -Leo_botl

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