“Smoked Up” No.20

The past week was all in anticipation to The Cigar Shop Biloxi’s Herrera Esteli Launch Party. The party was held on Saturday and was a great event to go to. I won’t go into too much detail, but I did a Event Recap post on Sunday. Don’t forget, I still have The Cigar Clip Contest going on until this Saturday.


Cigar Views

RP Freedom Rocky Patel Freedom Robusto: This cigar smells musty similar to some Honduran cigars do, but this is a Nicaraguan cigar. A nice mix of candied pecan & a slight spice on the long finish at the start. Into the smoke, I got some dark esspresso flavors as well. At the end, a hint of a caramel flavor popped up, but nothing too strong. The draw was good, but the burn had some issues. Over all, I liked the cigar, it wasn’t overbearing or lacking. Just a decent solid smoke. I was thinking this to be a “gimmick” cigar with the red white and blue and the “Freedom” name. But, it was a pretty decent smoke that I will look for next time I go to the B&M.


Blanco Criollo ToroBlanco Criollo Toro: I don’t smoke too many Criollo cigars, but this one was pretty tasty. Had an easy draw & a few burn issues; overall a so-so construction. Had creamy grass-like flavors. As well as subtle hints of vanilla. A few dabs of a faint cocoa note showed up here & there throughout the cigar. Bold but not an overly bold smoke, but an enjoyable one that I will smoke again. I have had the Blanco Nine, which is a darker flavor profile. This one is the exact opposite, but still a good smoke.


Antano 1970Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Toro: I was gifted this cigar at the close of the Herrera Eteli Event by a regular at the shop. I apologize, but forgot his name, but thanks again! This cigar was the last one I had that day and glad it was! They are a potent blend, very full bodied. But, the full body doesn’t overpower the full flavors. I didn’t get the chance to pick out any distinct flavors, but did enjoy the smoke. It did have a few burn issues where I needed to relight it. It could have been me, but my buddy Joe was having the same issues with his as well. But never the less, a decent full bodied smoke, not a favorite JdN, but a decent one.

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la ZonaEsiponsa La Zona Connecticut Robusto: This is my COTY and still an amazingly good cigar for the $3-4 price! Just about every Saturday, I get up, grab a La Zona, make the Cuban Coffee and sit outside and enjoy the start of the weekend. The Cuban Coffee is a tad bit bolder than the more medium bodied La Zona, but they pair decently. I would imagine the Cuban Coffee would pair better with the Espinosa Habano or possibly the new maduro. I’ll have to try that pairing very soon. Read the full review of this cigar here.


GGurkha IVurkha Empire IV: This has turned out to be one of my favorite Gurkhas. I don’t smoke too many Gurkhas due to a few bad apples and the vast array of lines put out. I can’t keep up with what I like and don’t, so I just veered away from them. This one has the Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper in which I have found to like in the RomaCraft Intemperance BA lines. The one draw back of this cigar is this was the last one in the box at the B&M. So, I hope they will be reordering them soon. I try to support local (and non local) shops whenever I can before I go online..


prietoMoya Ruiz Jugada Prieto Belicoso: With the announcement of the new 6×60 size from Moya Ruiz, I figured why not have a Belicoso. Chocolatey and spicy dark flavors abound in this cigar. The San Andreas wrapper really puts a nice kick to the smoke. Id didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to any particular flavors, I was just truly enjoying the smoke. It had a good draw with nice long ashes that lasted almost two inches. I think I ashed this cigar maybe four times total; impeccable construction! Read a full review of this cigar here.


Para JaponLa Aurora Para Japon: I have smoked almost a whole box of 5ers of this cigar and it has never let me down once. I finally broke the seal on a new bottle of Blantons Single Barrel last week at a buddy’s house and fired up this cigar. I wish I would have paired those two about 10 to 15 cigars ago! That was one great pairing! Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need alcohol to make a cigar good, but this mix really opened the flavors up to a whole new level. If you haven’t tried this pairing yet, try it, just try it.


TabakTabak Especial Negro Toro: This was the first infused cigar I have had in about three or four years. This one had vast amounts of chocolate & coffee flavors throughout the cigar. There was a good amount of sweetness in the smoke. But there was even more on my lips from the wrapper. I did get a hint of a muted pepper note here & there. Paired it with a cup of Cuban Coffee which really livened up the coffee flavors. At the end, there was a hint of a vanilla flavor that threw me for a loop.


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