“Smoked Up” No.21

Welcome to the 21st week of 2013 and the 21st edition of “Smoked Up”. This week was back and forth with me. I had a few days where I wasn’t feeling well (hence why this is being posted on Wednesday) so I didn’t have many cigars this week. My tastes and stomach were pretty off and just didn’t feel like leaving the couch for a few days. I got a handful of new cigars to review, so once I get to 100% expect a slew of reviews on these.

Not too much to say of any cigar happenings in my area in the last week. There is an event I am going to on Friday at Cigars El Puros Perfecto, so hopefully I can get a small recap of it for ya’ll next week.


Cigar Views

Big Bad JohnOrtega Wild Bunch Big Bad John: This is the second largest cigar I have ever smoked. The LFD Digger is the largest, but the Big Bad John was a better smoke to me. There was nice creamy wood notes with a slight hint of salt here and there. Some sweetness crept up in the smoke some as I progressed into it. A bit of pepper came in around 2″. The wood notes were the prominent flavors of the smoke. Not an overly complex smoke, but at least it didn’t go bland like the Digger dig with me at halfway. Although at 2″ or so left, I started to get major burn issues and I put it to rest there.

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SAMSUNGDrew Estate UnderCrown Corona Viva: A box purchase from the recent DE event at  The Cigar Shop Biloxi and was lucky to get the box, because they went quick! Nice meaty and peppery flavors off the bat with a nice draw and burn. Into the smoke some, the pepper evens off into a creamy pepper note and some cocoa flavors come in and out as well. I am not sure if I like this size (over the larger ones) more because of the flavors or just the smaller compact size. But, regardless its a pretty good smoke and am 100% happy with this  box purchase.


12gaViaje SuperShot 12ga OR: Like I have said many times before: Viaje LE cigars do better if you can sit on them for some time. This is from the original release of the Super Shot line. The smoke has seemed to even off and not as harsh as it was when I had these fresh. Had a good draw, but a so-so burn. Lightly strengthed caramel flavors really appealed to me. Into the cigar some, I got some black pepper notes that I remembered from previous experiences with this cigar; yet they were not as sharp as before. I got a hint of a graham cracker type of sweetness around the halfway area that was pleasant. Towards the end, it did get “chalky” and started having major burn issues and after a few relights/touch-ups I let it rest.


LFD URLa Flor Dominicana “Unreleased”: I have one of these left after finishing this one and they have got me wanting more. The more I smoke these, the more I tend to like them. If you like a La Flor Dominicana, then this cigar is for you! They haven’t released the blend info on this cigar. For all we know it could be the LFD version of the Drew Estates Papas Fritas and be the leftovers from LFD cigars. I don’t think its short filler, but could possibly be a mixed filler due to the ashes dropping pretty short (or that could be due to smaller rg). Either way, a mighty good smoke that is worth getting if you get to go to a LFD event.


Burn ToroIllusione Burn Toro: I had forgot that I had this one left in the humidor. I got the sampler from New Havana Cigars and thought I had smoked them all. So this was a nice and pleasant surprise to find. This blend seems to go better in the larger ring gauges for me. They seem to be more evened off and not as hit you in the face. A core woodiness and black pepper notes that are somewhat similar to the “regular” Illusione line. If I had my choice of either the Burn or the regular Illusione line, I’d go to the Burn any day of the week without a doubt. To me, this blend seems to be a little more refined and not as “bitey”.


Cigar News

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