“Smoked Up” No.23

This week has been one rollercoaster of a week. I usually like riding roller coasters, but when they bottom out hard, like this week did, I don’t care much for them. The mid week started out great with work going well and starting a carpentry project for a friend, the week was going to end well. But the weekend came in with a bang. I ended up in the ER at 3am Saturday morning getting them to remove my contacts that I had left in for too long. That was an ignorant move by me! In the process they ran a few tests on my eyes, no scrapes or scratches, yet they did find a corneal ulcer on my right eye. I’ve been on antibiotic drops since Saturday that has a slight burning tingle to them. On top of that, I can’t wear my contacts for about a week, until the ulcer clears up. The kicker is, my back-up glasses are so far out of focus (and broken) and can’t wear them. I am having to wait a few day before a new pair comes in! Needless to say, I couldn’t see all weekend and still can’t as I type this! (Thank goodness for onscreen magnifier application on my PC!) I also had to miss a few days of work since I couldn’t see to drive there, let alone work.

I had a few cigars before all this mess happened, but afterwards the antibiotics seemed to throw off my tastes, stomach and the smoke burns my eyes somewhat. So I didn’t smoke as much through the weekend and the start of this week. I had planned on reviewing the prerelease of the La Aurora 107 Maduro this weekend. But since all this has happened, I ‘ll be putting ghtat off til next weekend when I can see and meds are done. I’ll be glad when the antibiotics and ulcer will be gone this coming weekend!!


Cigar Views

Origen OriginalJesus Fuego Origen “Original”: A very nice “quick” smoke on a hot or humid or rainy day. Dark rich full flavors that arrived from a decent burn and draw. A hearty deep dark mix of chocolate, coffee with a very slight black pepper spice kick to it. These were my favorite J Fuego, then the maduro came out & I  fell for them. I smoke more of the natural Origen in these “Soft Packs” and have been an avid fan of this vitola since they showed up at IPCPR in 2010. The other vitolas are good, just I tend to grab the soft packs more. If I had to choose natural or Mafuro… I’d go with maduro in any size.

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RothchildesIllusione Rothchildes: I had heard a good bit of talk about his cigar on the forums and twitter about how good a smoke this was. I finally got my hands on one thanks to Ben. It had a great draw and burn, but I just could follow the flavor profile. It was too fast changing and couldn’t keep settled on one flavor for long enough to enjoy it or pick it out. One minute I would have a decently good flavor that I liked, then the next minute it would be a totally different flavor that I didn’t care for. To me, this is one of those “overly complex” cigars that I truly didn’t care for.


1495La Aurora 1495 Robusto: This cigar was full of creamy wood, easy pepper, slight cedar & vanilla flavors. It had a good draw and a decent burn. Med-full flavor strength and the upper medium body area in strength. La Aurora and Miami cigar have some great cigars out on the market. Many are “no frills” but are a good solid consistent smoke that I can count on. There are a lot of new cigars coming out each month and at times people are timid to try something new. But a La Aurora is one of those “old school” companies who always have produced a great smoke and will be around for years to come.


NineBlanco Cigars Nine JT Limitado: Recently, the two local shops have acquired the Blancos lines. I’ve had a few Nine lanceros & Criollo toros with pretty good results. I am trying each line one by one & this was next on my list. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with it actually. It had a great draw & burn, but the cocoa flavors were bland & too chalky for my likings. I will try it again, only due to me being on antibiotics & possible taste buds being off from them. But, at $10.50 it will be no time soon.



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