“Smoked Up” No.27

A week has passed since my vacation and I am already planning one for next summer. We really had a good time! When I got back, I started fighting off a head cold and it almost got the best of me. With a healthy (or unhealthy) dosing of a few medications, I was able to keep the cold to a lull. Then, work got three kinds of crazy and all this week they have me planned to work 12 hours each day. The pay is great, but I am not in the right mind-set to be working 12hr days.

With all that being said, I am pooped! The head cold, recouping from vacation and long work days will make this issue of “Smoked Up” pretty basic. I did try to enjoy a few cigars, but some days just wasn’t feeling like having one. So, I won’t get into too much detail about the week’s cigars; just a basic thought of them and I’ll move on to the news from the past week.


Cigar Views

Leccia BlackLeccia Black Rothchild: This was the first (Sam) Leccia Tobacco cigar I’ve had. I grabbed it from Burns in Chattanooga when out on my vacation. I grabbed one Black and one White to see which one I liked the most. I have heard opposing views; some love the Black, so love the White. The Black had a good draw and burn with some musty flavors to it. They weren’t a bad musty flavors, but the leaf of fire cured tobacco was some what noticeable in the smoke. I am not sure which “fire cured” cigar will win this battle. With the MUWAT KFC coming out at IPCPR in a few weeks, I have a gut feeling it will reign top-dog. Not that the Leccia Black is a bad smoke, from what I have been told and smelt, the MUWAT KFC is way more mustier and I think it will appeal to more people.


Leccia WhiteLeccia White Rothchild: A few days after I had the “Black”, I had to try the “White”. The White was not as full bodied as compared to the Black. But, the white seemed to be a lot more smoother and more on the solid medium body and upper medium in flavor strength. I liked this cigar… let me restate that… I really liked this cigar! The draw and burn were great and the flavors appealed to me enough to mentally kick myself in the kiester for not buying anymore. But, there are many shops carrying the Leccia line, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them. I ,personally, like the White over the Black.


Ortega Lancero MaduroOrtega Serie D No.10 Maduro Lancero: I have heard a slew of great things about this size of the Serie D line. I have a local shop that doesn’t carry the lancer, so it was on my look-out-list while I was on vacation. I scored two and was excited to try this “Crack Stick” as a few people are calling it. Here is where things get odd, I didn’t care for it. The cigar was a very well constructed cigar, just the flavors didn’t overly appeal to me very much. It was not a bad cigar, but maybe it was wrong timing on my part with me trying to fight off a head cold (meds)… I will definitely try it again though.


Dog Walker7-20-4 Dog Walker: I met Kurt Kendall and his wife and the 2010 IPCPR Show when 7-20-4 cigars were “new”. I say “new” only due to the name was a former cigar company name years and years ago that Kurt bought rights to and started his own line with the name. They were two of the nicest people of the whole show and pretty down to earth. Their small booth was packed with cigars and cigar memorabilia from years past of the 7-20-4 name. Kurt gave us a Dog Walker to try and I have been hooked ever since. This cigar is exactly what it says, a perfect 30-45 minute cigar that I, as well as many others, love.


GhostPaul Stulac Ghost: I was able to get a whole box of these and I am sure glad I did. I got these on the cheep from a great friend. They weren’t exactly the size I wanted (the Phantom was), but couldn’t pass up the deal. This is a great cigar that a lot of the time goes under people’s radar. I can understand why, the price on these is on the higher end of many people’s “sweet-spot” price point. Overpriced?? Slightly, but if you want an enjoyable smoke and have the extra cash, I definitely suggest you to try them.

Full Review of the Phantom here.


Nica PuroAlec Bradley Nica Puro Bajito: This was a no nonsense Nicaraguan cigar. There were no hidden agendas with it, just a pretty much middle of the road Nicaraguan Cigar. It was a good smoke, don’t get me wrong. But there was no “Wow” factor to it at all. For around $5-6 you don’t expect no Davidoff of Padron Anniversary, you pay for what you get. I’d be willing to try this line in a larger ring gauge (possibly torpedo or the 6×60) later on, but in no real big hurry to do so. Yes, you heard right, I actually am some-what looking for to trying a 6×60 cigar!


SAMSUNGL’Atelier MAD54: This is the little brother to the previous L’Atelier line. This line has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper while the original L’Atelier has a hybrid of  Criollo and Pelo de Oro wrapper. I have found a great liking to the LAT54 and figured why not try the MAD54. I tried to keep my mind open on this cigar, but once again, the medicines from the head cold were taking affect on the ole taste buds. I did like what flavors I did taste, but until I can get a clear tasting of the Maduro L’Atelier, I’ll leave my conclusion to be determined.


HeisenbergQuesada Heisenberg  Project Corona: I think I like almost every cigar that Quesada makes lately in the corona line. The only exception being the Octoberfest and that cigar is great in large ring gauges. My favorite of the Quesada line is the Espana, followed by the Octoberfest and the Heisenberg. I was expecting great flavors and construction that I am used to seeing with the Quesada name; and it didn’t disappoint me one bit! I grabbed two of these at a shop on vacation and will be placing an order for at least a 5er or more very soon. Absolutely a great summer smoke; great flavors and size.


Cigar News

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