“Smoked Up” No.29

The “Dog Days of Summer” are just about here, if not already. If it wasn’t the high temperatures, it was the rain showers and humidity. That has been the story for the past two weeks or so in my neck of the woods. I mainly smoke outside under my carport and with the weather not being all that favorable, I have slowed down on my cigar smoking compared to quantity of what I was enjoying during the spring months.

Monday was the annual #jj4jj day where people all around the world smoked a Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ for fellow Cigar Smoker Jerry Cruz ( of Stogie Review). Pictures were posted all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… showing their support for Jerry, his family and for SIDS research support. His son, “Lil Robusto” passed away at three months old from SIDS back in 2007. It was a tragic happening and one can not imagine what Jerry and his family went through during this time. Unless, you have lost a child at such a young age yourself. I lost a nephew a few years back at 20months old from on-going heart and viral complications, so I know some of the pain they went through. Even if you didn’t have a DPG Serie JJ to smoke, people were smoking whatever they had to support Jerry in this tough time of the year and hashtagged the pictures with #jj4jj. I know the thought of people being there for Jerry made this day a little more manageable knowing her had all the people “there” for him in.

I didn’t have a DPG Serie JJ to smoke, but did enjoy a Tatuaje La Verite 2009 in “Lil Robusto’s” honor. It was very odd (for a lack of words), right after I tweeted my #jj4jj picture and mentioned how Lil Robusto and my Nephew were probably playing together right now, I looked over my shoulder and saw a rainbow. A very hazy one at first until I got into the street to get a better look at it. When I did, it got much clearer and I could see the whole rainbow! That right there really made my day, week, or possibly month. To me it was a sign from “Lil Robusto” and my Nephew, saying “Thanks!”




Cigar Views

WCLWinston Churchill Lancaster: Enjoyed this short smoke Friday on my lunch break. Was a perfect 35 minute or so smoke and I thank Ben Lee for the gift of them. This Cigar had a great draw & burn. I’d say it had a slight bit less than medium body & a medium flavor strength. Had nice creamy woody flavors at first. Then around half way a tangy nutty flavor kicked out the creaminess; but left the wood notes. Around the end, I got a pleasant caramel flavor that went well with the banana I was eating for lunch. It wasn’t a dark and bold (more noticeable) type of smoke that left you and your clothes all “smoky”.


Ezra ZiEZTon Tantrum: I’ve had many of the Ezra Zion lines with much luck with them. They are all pretty flavorful & well constructed. This one was no different than any of the others. Started with a peppery spice blast which smoothed off to a carmely-chocolate note with an underlying wood flavor. Ashes held for about 1/2″ or so with a sharp burn & great draw. I also liked the small rg & length, which is great for the “dog days of summer” which are here. I really liked the Reagan that was released earlier from Ezra Zion, but the Tantrum… Its very box worthy!


Tatuaje L TLV′Esprit de Vérité Robusto- 2009 Vintage: These have aged very nicely! The draw & burn are still superb as well as the flavors. Carmely black pepper flavors are abundant in the smoke for the first portion. Later into the smoke, I got a nice leather note, followed by a slight cedar hint that accompanied the other flavors nicely. Over all, one of my favorite Tatuajes of all time. This cigar was my #jj4jj cigar. It is one of my all time favorite cigars and was a pleasure to enjoy it on the occasion.


Tarazona XTCXTC Torpedo: A great med bodied smoke with an upper medium flavor strength. Had a “milkshake thick” draw that could have been opened up more with a deeper cut into the head. The burn was pretty straight, not razor sharp, but a good burn. There was an oak and spice flavor that hit me right off the bat. Later on into it, I got a few nutty flavors that worked right in with the first flavors. Towards the end, the body seemed to pick up slightly as I neared the end. Over all a good smoke that I will definitely smoke again. I have had the “305” from Tarazona and it was good, but I tend to like the XTC a bit more.


Ortega WilHAd Bunch “Honest Abe”: I had one of these cigars back in May and fell in love with it. Its not overbearing or bold, but a great classic style of smoke. I told myself, “if you ever come across anymore of these, snag them!” That is what I did on vacation back in June. I got a few of these and if things work out right, I’ll be getting more soon. Creamy woody notes with hints of a nuttiness as well. A strengthening black pepper note showed up working into the final few inches of the smoke, that wanted to overpower the other flavors.


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“Smoked Up” No.28

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