“Smoked Up” No.3

This is the third installment of the “Smoked Up” series and its been a decent week in my week in cigars. There has been a handful of cigar news and I got a few new cigars in the humidor to review for you. So keep your eyes out for them in the up coming weeks. I still got my Cigar of the year 5pk contest going on through this Friday the 25th. Check it out and enter the easy contest.


Perdomo Gran Cru Habano Epicure: I was gifted this 6×60 cigar and although I am no fan of the 60rg size, I was appreciative of it and thought I’d give it a try. The draw was a tad on the thick side & burned “ok” with a few waves. At first there were nice flavors of a semi-sweet note of a dried fruit. Accompanied by some notes of chocolate with a slight short lived pepper undertone. Once into it more, there was more peppery wood flavors with chocolate being an undertone that bounced across my palate. The retrohale revealed a somewhat spicy & woody flavor. With about 2″ left, the wrapper split and flavor got flat, so thats where I ended it. I liked this cigar, but not too sure if I will go for another one in this size. I think I will stick with the toro size.


Moya Ruiz La Jugada Prieto: A thick packed cigar that gave a slightly stiff draw, but excellent burn. Had very nice flavors of a creamy pepper with a short lived spice & a dark roasted coffee finish. Working into it, I got some nice smooth woody flavors & produced a peppery room note. After halfway, I got a very odd dried pineapple taste on the tip of my tongue that intrigued me. Towards the end, I got a flavor that reminded me of a chalky coco powder (similar to Nestle Quik). Over all, a medium to full bodied complex smoke. I’ll do a further in depth review of this cigar in a few weeks and give it a slight rest in the humidor.


Louis Martinez Silver Selection Robusto: This cigar has three years age on it and has smoothed off nicely. Light woody notes with a miniscule amount of black pepper, but was stronger on the retrohale. I “paired” is with a Monster Java Kona Blend that brought out the creaminess of the notes. It drew just a slight bit thicker than perfect and had a great burn. For about $35/box, they are a decent yard ‘gar fresh, but mellow to a pretty good mild-medium cigar with some age. Over all, not a very complex cigar by any means, but a decent aged smoke for the cost.


Tatuaje Wolfman: When I first got them a year plus ago, I didn’t care too much for the Wolfman. But after a year and some rest, they are a little more pleasurable to me. The draw was great that produced a lot of smoke and burned well. Notes of black pepper & a slightly smooth creamy (almost buttery) note to it. About half way the pepper and other flavors went a little bland and flat, but offered a muted caramel undertone. The last part introduced a slight dried apple flavor, but still didn’t wow me. A one inch ash dropped on me three times, which was a pain & made me think of short filler… For $16, I was expecting a good bit more from this cigar.


Quesada Oktoberfest Barvarian: I believe this cigar is from 2011, so its got about a year rest on it. This cigar had a great draw and burn which produced a peppery room note. Started off with a dark wood or charred meat flavor to it. There was a slight “twang” tasted on the tip of my tongue that was odd. For a Dominican cigar, this cigar has some great flavor and body to it. A little ways in, I paired it with a Sam Adams Octoberfest, I mean, why not? The beer really let out a great chocolate note with a slight wood flavor from the cigar & really amplified up the great flavor. Towards the end, the flavors went somewhat vegetal with the chocolate still present. Overall a great Dominican puro!


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