“Smoked Up” No.33

Another hot and humid week is in my rear view mirror here in the deep south. We had a “tropical depression” come through this weekend. All it did was dump a good amount of rain and some wind; no damage on the homefront. I went to a RoMaCraft event at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS on Saturday. Michael Rosales was there with great deals on singles and boxes of RoMaCraft Cigars. With each ticket bought, you got a free “Mode 5” size of the Cromagnon line. This will be available soon for purchase and is a really good smoke! Also, there was 80# of boiled shrimp and 40# of boiled potatoes, corn and mushrooms. That was a no-brainer, sit under my carport and smoke in the wind/rain or go to the event and get some good grub and cigars?



Photo via Ben Lee's FaceBook page

Photo via Ben Lee’s FaceBook page


Cigar Views



Davidoff Nicaraguan Short Corona: This is Davidoff’s first try at a Nicaraguan cigar and I was looking forward to trying it. Great draw, burn & somewhat flaky ashes. Awesome flavors of leather, wood & an ample spice to keep you on your toes. This tastes like a Nicaraguan cigar that has been aged for a handful of years. Its bold, but not too bold. Spicy, but not too spicy. It all seems to mesh well for their first try at Nicaraguan tobacco. $10 is a little steep for a short corona, but I think it was well worth it! Definitely worth a 5er or box worthy if you can afford it. Looking forward to trying the other sizes.




Tres Reynas Robusto: I had one of these a few weeks ago. I forgot I had bought two, and I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found this cigar in the humidor. A awesome cigar. This is a nice collaboration between the Quesada and Garcia families. Great draw & burn from a pretty rough looking cigar. Dark leathery notes with hints of spice every now & then. Towards the end, I got faint hints of a black cherry flavor on the back half of the smoke. Definitely box worthy at about $8.00/ea.




Oliva V Melanio Maduro: When the Oliva Melanio came out, I was a fan of it, but it wasn’t nothing over the top for me. It was good, but not much to rave about. Maybe I didn’t have enough to truly get the cigar? Anyways, when I saw they were releasing the Melanio Maduro, I had to try it. It was one good smoke! I liked it a bit more than the Equadorian wrapped Melanio. It seemed to be a bit more fuller and more like a Oliva V that has been aged a few years. Anybody who has had a V Maduro with some nice age, knows what I am referring to. A great smoke for special occasions; only due to the $15 price tag.



Ventura Cigar Company Project 805: Ventura Cigars is a fairly new cigar company. They have a new “Project 805” cigar with Andullo tobacco in the blend. They sent me a few to review along with a sample leaf of Andullo. It reminded me a lot like a fire cured pipe tobacco and I am tempted to try shredding the leaf and smoking it in my pipe! It has a musty sweet flavor that has an off the chain good aroma to it. This cigar reminded me of a cross between a Leccia White (in which I like) and a Leccia Black (in which is so-so to me). That combonation was a big hit! I will be doing a full in-depth review of it in the next few weeks. But, I can let the cat out of the bag. Its good! I’ll get more into the Andullo tobacco in the review, so keep your eyes peeled for it soon.


RoMa Craft Cromagnon Mode 5: This cigar is soon to be released and for now is only available at events of RoMa Craft. This is “the fith step” in the Cromagnon line, meaning it is the most developed. And that shows very much so. The perfecto size is one of my favorites and has a nice punch, great draw and flavors. The burn got sketchy, but soon corrected itself easily. Along the lines of the original Cromagnon cigars, yet more refined and not as “punchy” when it comes to body. Definitely a cigar to keep your eyes out for when they are released in the next few months.


RoMaCraft Intemperance BA “The Intrigue”: I tend to like the Brazilian Arapiraca over the Ecuador Connecticut that is offered in the Intemperance line. Don’t get me wrong, the Ecuador Connecticut is a good cigar to start the day off with. But the BA is more along my likings. The Petito (Intrigue) and Short Perfecto (Envy) are my two favorite sizes of the line. I think the smaller ring gauge puts a slightly more punch to the flavors. Not that the larger ones are any slouches. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an Intemperance.


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