“Smoked Up” No.34

Its Tuesday and time for another issue of “Smoked Up”. The last week was a very challenging one for me personally. Rewind to three weeks ago when I was at my buddy (who had a major stroke in December) “Uncle Bob’s” house that’s pretty much out in the sticks. Well, low and behold, I get bit by a darn tick on my wrist of all places. I pulled it off and didn’t think much of it, until a week or so later (last week) and I started feeling pretty ill. My whole body hurt, but mainly my head and upper body. I had to take multiple medications to be able to go to sleep at night. My head hurt so bad at times it made my eyes water. That lasted for about four days, good for two, then back again for a few days. It was not fun at all trying to go to work with the pain. My co-workers told me to “go home!” but I didn’t want to loose my sick time nor get “in trouble” for me missing work. (Yeh, they are on some dumb time and attendance kick at work this month.) Needless to say, many days I was pretty medicated to the point of almost not being able to drive home from work!

I had about came to the conclusion that I had gotten Lyme Disease from that darn tick! I did some research before I ran off to the doctor’s office. I had a few symptoms of it, but not enough of the major symptoms for me to head to the doctor. Well, time took its course and I think I am finally over it. The bruise/mark from the tick bite has lessened drastically. Drawing salve and some homemade salve the girlfriend made seemed to bring it down quickly. Its been three days since I had bad pains and am glad they are easing off; I was running out of “stockpiled” pain meds!

The pain and headaches caused me to stay on the couch mainly and watch reruns of Andy Griffith and Cops. I didn’t get to really enjoy too many cigars this week, nor did I get out a review I had lined up for this weekend. But, if things stay on track with my health, I’ll try to get one out Friday and possibly another on Sunday.


Cigar Views

SAMSUNGErnesto P Carrillo New Wave Brillantes: I think almost all of my friends like this blend in this size and it shows. The boxes of them empty fairly quickly at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS. They recently brought in the EPC line and have had great results with them. The EPC line-up has a nice set of facings and most the cigars are priced under $10. I think this was a tad over $6 and well worth the price. The New Wave Connecticut has a bit more body and flavor than many of your “typical” Connecticut cigars these days. I have enjoyed many of these at the first of the day with coffee or at the end of the day with coffee. I think the New Wave pairs well with a Sumatra coffee, due to they are both not too bold enough to overpower each other any.



SAMSUNGRoMaCraft Intemperance EC “The Virtue”: I have found myself enjoying more and more RoMaCraft cigars these days. At first, the EC line of the Intemperance was not  seen much on my smoking rotation. But, I have found myself having a few more of them and appreciating them more and more. The perfecto is one of my favorite cigar shapes of all time and The Virtue fits me well. Its a Connecticut wrapped cigar that has more than your usual plain-ole Connecticut. Not as much as the EPC New Wave, but definitely a good smoke that has never truly let me down. I still prefer the BA line of the Intemperance though.


SAMSUNGArturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story Maduro: I grabbed a box of these when they appeared two years ago (I think). They are slightly sweeter than the Cameroon wrapped Short Story, but still have the same core light woody core notes. The sweetness was similar to a graham cracker type of sweetness. These were good fresh and seem to be getting a lot better as they age in my humidor. These are a great maduro from Fuente, but not as good as an aged Anejo or WOAM. But still worth grabbing a handful if you ever see them again. I did a full in-depth review of this cigar a while back. You can check it out here.


SAMSUNGPinar Del Rio A. Flores Gran Reserva: A new line from PDR that I was sent to try out. I have had off and on experiences with PDR cigars. Some were great, some were so-so & some just didn’t make it to my taste likings. This short smoke hit me between being so-so and good. There were hints of wood tones and a vegetal twang. That “twang” hit me as good some times, but other times it seemed to not mesh well. Had a great draw and burn, so no construction issues. Look for a full review of this cigar in the upcoming weeks.



Cigar News

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Now, I know this is a Cigar “blog” but I have to shed some light on a “new” food item from one of my favorite fast food spots: Hardees (or Carl’s Jr. for the Northerners). They have came out with a “Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce Chicken Tenders” meal. I have had that sauce a few times from friends making wings, but its been a while. When I heard Hardee’s was doing boneless chicken wings now with it, I jumped at the first chance I got to try them. Let me tell ya, they were pretty darn tasty and had a fair amount of “kick” to them. I had actually started feeling a little warm while eating them. They had great taste, but wish the breading was more crispier; the sauce softened it some. There was enough sauce left over to dip my fries in and that in itself was a good change from ketchup. I wish I would have gotten the 6pc instead of the 3pc. But, I know what I will be getting at lunch tomorrow!!


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Dude what are you doing, go to the doggone Dr. & get tested for Lyme ASAP! If they catch it in it’s early stages, you havd a better chance of getting successfully treated. If you let the lyme bacteria (spirochete) fester, not only will the treaments be less effective, but it will cause some major problems for you down the road. I have a few friends who haven’t worked for years because of Lyme or one of it’s coinfections. And believe me brother, it is NOT a boat you wanna be in!!!

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