“Smoked Up” No.51

I hope everybody had a safe and happy Christmas. Mine was pretty good. My daughter racked up on some toys! I don’t think I have seen so much pink and Barbie items in my life!! I didn’t get to smoke too many cigars during this week, this week was more about family for me. I typically have one of my aged Fuente Anejo Sharks for Christmas, but with what all was going on, I didn’t get a chance to. Eventually, I did get to have an Anejo 46, not my favorite size, but it is a mighty fine smoke.

Tonight is New Years Eve and remember to think when you drink. Don’t drink and drive!


Cigar Views

SAMSUNGA. Fuente Anejo 46: Like I said before, I usually enjoy one of my aged Sharks on Christmas, but settled for this size a few days after. This blend will always be in my top 25 of all time and has pretty distinct flavors different from any other cigar. I really like the slight cinnamon spice, nice sweetness and rich cocoa notes this cigar gives off. These cigars are pretty good fresh (this one was) and even better with two or more years of rest. I actually had a craving for some hot chocolate while I was smoking this, I think it would make for a pretty decent pairing. But as luck would have it, my daughter drank the last cup a few days prior.  Definitely a cigar to be on the look out for when they hit the shelves around Father’s Day and Christmas. But don’t pay the high online costs for these cigars!


SAMSUNGDrew Estate Nica Rustica: Watching a few videos from the Cigar Safari, this cigar was really never meant for production. It was just a small side project by the guys at Drew Estate and they didn’t think the logistics of it would ever happen. But it did and this turned out to be a pretty complex cigar; it was constantly changing. Had dark and rich musty flavors that were pretty good. It produced thick clouds of creamy billowing smoke that had a pretty pungent room note. I think some age would really round off the flavors and mellow it out some. I bought an extra just to let it rest 6 or so months.


SAMSUNGDrew Estate KFC “Fat Molly”: I once had a friend who’s name was Molly and she was quite “healthy”. At first I didn’t care for her, but eventually after some time, she got to be not a bad person. That is the case with the Fat Molly FFC cigar. I think this cigar would be a good bit better with about 6months or so rest. This cigar had some extremely musty flavors and aromas. The majority of the cigar I kept getting a flavor similar to the taste of cold boiled crawfish. This was an interesting smoke, but I think it will be even better after a rest in y humidor.


SAMSUNGEP Carrillo E-Stunner “Corriente“: For about $6 and change, I really liked this cigar. It had very herbal and slight floral flavors to it. There was a very slight hint of a chocolate on the back half of the smoke that kept me interested as well. I really like this size and its my second or third E-Stunner in this size. Maybe one day I will try one of the larger sizes, but for now, this one is my go to. For the money, I could see this being a possible box worthy or at least a box split with a friend for sure!


SAMSUNGDrew Estate KFC “Chunky”: I don’t prefer to say “chunky”, more like “healthy” LOL. I grabbed this smaller  sized KFC to see is it was much different than the Fat Molly. It looked to have a dual darker & lighter shaded wrapper on it which I didn’t see when I purchased them. There was a bit lesser of the cold boiled crawfish taste that I got in the Fat Molly. This vitola had more of a musty woodsy flavor that was better (to me) than the Fat Molly. A little bit of pepper came up with an inch or so into the cigar. It did get a little smoother about halfway into it. At the point of the darker wrapper, the smoke got a nice hit of dark chocolate. I really liked the last inch or so of the cigar. If I was to pick my favorite, right now the Chunky would be my favorite of the MUWAT KFC line.


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