“Smoked Up” No.78

This issue will be on the shorter side. 99% of the news was released last week prior to the IPCPR Trade Show. Also, a dear friend of mine is in a medically induced coma. She is a diabetic and her sugar got too low, too fast. She has shown signs of improvement today, but I am not in too high of spirits the last few days. If you could do me a favor and keep my friend Janelle in your thoughts and prayers her, her family and I would greatly appreciate it.


Cigar Views


Oliva Siason: For a “budget” Oliva cigar, it was not bad at all. For about $6, it reminded me of a mellower “O” with a little bit of sweetness. Would be a decent cigar to keep around the humidor for a nicer yard gar or for a novice cigar enjoyer looking for a bit more strength and flavor than an entry level Connecticut cigar. For the price, its worth it.  


JyD Red Short Churchill

Joya Red Short Churchill: This cigar will hit the shelves in late July or sometime in August. I got a few samples of these for review and had to light one up that day. I was impressed with the cigar! It had a good bit of similarities as many JdN cigars but a solid medium body and a slightly stronger flavor strength. Paired excellently with a cup of coffee that helped ease off the spice to the smoke. I really enjoyed this smoke and plan to have a review out on it in the up coming days.


Leccia Luchador El Hombre

Leccia Luchador El Hombre: Love this smoke, absolutely love this smoke. I enjoyed this one at a local shop this past weekend. I didn’t pay attention to the particular flavors but loved the “darkness” characteristic that they had. This cigar is definitely a box worthy cigar. Maybe one day I will try another size, but for right now, the El Hombre is my go-to size.


Brazilia Gonzo 2

CAO Brazilia GOL and Flying Dog “Gonzo” Imperial Porter beer pairing: This was one of my recent reviews and it was a fairly good pairing. It wasn’t as good as the MX2 and the Oyster Stout pairing; but I did like it. Check out the full review here for more information.

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