“Smoked Up” No.81

Life is good. Things are looking up in my neck of the woods. Work is going great as we are about a week ahead of schedule and the boss’s attention is now off of me and my crew. My friend has been progressing very strongly over the last few weeks. She is more alert & active each day. She does have her memory as she remembers her family and they have asked her if she remembers me and she shook her head “yes”, smiled & crept tears of joy when they told her I would over to see her this coming weekend. Today she stood up with some assistance and that alone is a feat in itself considering the shape she was in a week ago.

Thanks to everybody who has kept her in your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. It means a lot to her, her family and I.

Not much going on in my cigar world. I have had a new (to me) cigar or two. The heat has still kept the number of cigars that I have enjoyed a little low. But the AC of the local B&M has sure been a blessing on Sunday afternoons. I will be heading back to NOLA this Saturday and hope to see Crescent City Cigars has their new shipment of IPCPR orders in as I love Armando’s taste in cigars.



Cigar Views

RP Edge Maduro

Rocky Patel Edge Maduro: I have never particularly cared too much for the Edge line up until the Habano line came out two years ago. I fell in love with that cigar as it ha great flavors, good smoke time and a good price. I haven’t had a maduro Edge in quite a few years. I now remember, it just doesn’t do too much for me. I thought a cup of coffee would help enhance some flavors, but it didn’t do too much for the cigar. Had an excellent construction as that was no issue. But the flavors just weren’t anything beyond “ok” for me. Lots of cocoa and some dark chocolate notes as well as hints of wood and a light white pepper. Not a bad cigar by any means and the price is right on, but just not one of my go-to Rocky Patel cigars.  


Primer Mundo La Hermandad Caballito

Primer Mundo La Hermandad Caballito: I was given this cigar by a shop owner who wanted my opinion on the smoke before he made an order. I have had a few handfuls of Primer Mundo cigars and most of them I liked. This one is made by Pinar del Rio and their cigars have an interesting “twang” to them that’s hard for me to describe. The La Hermandad had a bit of said twang, but it eases off once into the smoke some. Had a hints of cocoa with a slight peppery bite to it. The peppery bite wasn’t too strong and reminded me somewhat like a cajun seasoning. A fairly smooth and creamy finish that lasted for quite a while. Not my favorite Primer Mundo, but not my least favorite.


Louisiana Perique Maduro Tor

“Louisiana Cigar” Perique Maduro Toro: With the Fire Cured tobacco being a slight fad recently, this cigar is one of those type of “pipe tobacco” type of cigar. With this year having an onslaught of this type of cigar, this cigar is a predicessor to those cigars. I have been enjoying this cigar for over 5yrs and am sure its been around for even more. It has a nice amount of Louisiana Perique in it and is rolled in Miami. This cigar reminds me a lot like the Drew Estate KFC, but in a lesser boldness. I actually prefer this cigar more than the DE KFC because of the fact that the cigar is a bit more mellower and not as “harsh” as the KFC comes off to me as. I really enjoyed this cigar, even though it was a bit on the wet and loose side. These cigars can be purchased from Crescent City Cigars in New Orleans & Metairie, LA.


Camacho Triple Maduro Corona

Camacho Triple Maduro Corona: Its been over three years since I have had one of these cigars. I had a pretty bad experience with a robusto with thick tar, harsh flavors and terrible draw. When Camacho rebranded and re-blended their cigars recently I had iffy thoughts on trying another triple maduro. I have to admit. the new Camacho Triple Maduro is a good bit better. Even with the corona, I didn’t get any bad draw, tar build up or harshness. Had nice semi-sweet cocoa flavors with hints of a salted caramel that I enjoyed. I am looking forward to trying the other sizes in the line.


Room 101 Big Payback 660

Room 101 Big Payback 660: I enjoyed the 550 Big Payback last week and a buddy said to try out the 660 that he liked it more. I am not a fan of many 6×60 sizes, this one I am on the fence with. I can take it or leave it. I think I prefer the 550 more as the 660 seemed to fizzle out with a third left of it. I was a little bit disappointed at that point, but other than that, the cigar was tasty. For the $6 and change, its a good deal, but I think I will stick with the robusto for now. Not looking at trying the 770 anytime soon.


La Palina El Dario Churchill

La Palina El Dario Churchill: I am a fan of many La Palina cigars. A few experiences I hvehad with the brand have had off construction and this one fell into that category. The draw was a good bit thicker than I like. I can deal with a “milkshake thick” draw, but this was like a quad-thick milkshake type of draw. I really liked the smooth flavors of cream, nuts and a very slight white pepper. I think I will stick to the KB and KB2 when it comes to La Palina. They are worth the price, when you get one with a good draw.


Camacho Connecticut Toro

Camacho Connecticut Toro: I was a fan of the “original” Connecticut line from Camacho. It had a lot of good flavors and a bit more body to it than your typical $2 bundle Connecticut cigar. This is not my first encounter with this cigar and happens to be one of my favorite Connecticuts. It had cool woody and slightly nutty flavors with a hint of sweetness here and there that caught my attention. A smoke to enjoy more slowly to really appreciate the flavors and not rush them with too much heat.


Cigar News

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