“Smoked Up” No.9

This past week has been a crazy one for me. I have had to give up my current position at work due to company’s sales dropping. But, I was going to be put into a different area in two weeks. Within those two weeks, they changed my job position three times. They finally decided where I was going this past week. I now have a Monday through Friday job and they didn’t mess with my pay any! So I was on edge all week whether I would have a job or pay cut or not day to day. So I ended up smoking a variety of cigars through out the week. So, without further ado is my Cigar views and news.


Cigar Views


DaytonaCain Daytona No4: My favorite size in the line, hands down. Great burn, draw, flavors etc… I had bought a box of these over a year ago at a Studio Tobac event and this is one of few left. In fact, this size and the corona are pretty much the only of the Cain lines I will smoke. With maybe the exception of when I can get my hands on a Cain F Lancero. The other Cain lines seem to be all power and no flavor or foul flavor to me. There is a certain “twang” that I have come to like with Daytona line that draws me back to it time and time again. Flavor, strength in equal proportions in a size that I like.

La Aurora Preferido EquadorLa Aurora Preferidos Equador Robusto: I really like the Preferidos line from La Aurora; but mainly the Equador line to be more specific. The robusto size is a little more affordable for me than the Tubos, so I smoke mainly this vitola. There is a nice sweetened caramel flavor that I like. Along with that flavor is a nice woody flavor and a slight pepper note mixed in a well. Not a very bold smoke, but its got some medium body and a slightly stronger flavor strength to it. One of my favorite La Auroras.


SAMSUNGPerdomo Bugatti Maduro Robusto: Had a very good draw and burn. Had a dark woody flavor with a nice hint of brown sugar as well. Produced a vast amount of smoke that had a warm wood room note to it. The final portion of it had a flat chalky flavor that was actually pleasurable, yet very short lived. This cigar was a little more on the milder body than I had figured it would be. But it was a decent smoke, I’m going to try a few other sizes and wrappers with this cigar in the near future.


SAMSUNGSan Lotano Oval Natural Corona: I gave this cigar a cross V-cut across the head which has seemed to work wonders for me as far a draw and smoke volume is concerned.  It drew perfectly and had fairly full flavors of wood with a bit of a short lived peppery type of spice to it that hit me on the tip of my tongue. A hint of chocolate here and there was also a nice flavor on my palate. At the end, the smoke got more chocolately and the wood went to a muted flavor. Over all a pretty consistant smoke. Consistantly good!



Drew Estates Undercrown Gran Toro: When I go to smoke a Drew Estate, I mainly go for a My Uzi Weighs a Ton robusto. Its one of the few 60rg cigars that I actually like. But, every now and then I want something a little different and go for an Undercrown Gran Toro. If the wallet allows, I’ll grab a T52, No9 or if I’m real lucky a Dirty Rat. I have tried a few sizes of the Undercrown and the Gran Toro and Corona Viva seem to be my go-to sizes. A good, but thick draw with nice flavors of  a dark wood, some cedar here & there and some mellow sweetness as well make for a pretty good smoke.



Cigar News


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