Strong Ash: Jesus Fuego 777


Welcome to the debut review in our Strong Ash series. Here we smoke full flavored cigars that might knock some folks back in their chair.

Jesus Fuego is a fifth generation cigar maker.  Although portions of his career were spent blending and rolling cigars for other people, Jesus has spent the last couple of years developing his own line of cigars.  One of his newest releases, the 777 or Triple Siete, is a Nicaraguan Puro.

Company: Jesus Fuego
Made In: Honduras
Made by: Jesus Fuego
Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo Maduro
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo
Binder: Nicraguan Corojo
MSRP: $4.75 each or $99.70/box of 21


This Robusto was dressed in a dark brown, nearly black, Nicaraguan Criollo maduro wrapper.  There were a couple veins showing on the oily wrapper, however the seams were not visible.  These cigars were also firm and heavy in the hand, if cigars were bricks these 777s would be the model.  A smooth, slightly crooked double cap sat upon the head.  The simple white band had black  writing stating the cigars name 777 (Triple Siete) and the maker Jesus Fuego.  I easily snipped the end with my Palio cutter and took a few tight, but unobstructed pre-light draws.

First Third

Right off the bat this cigar hits your senses with a ton of flavor; nuts, barnyard, dark chocolate/espresso and pepper are the major components.  The draw was still tight, but I had no issue getting a mouthful of smoke.  A thick mascara line appeared on the burn line.  The cigars did burn a little unevenly, possibly a byproduct of the tight draw. The ash is light to medium gray color and holds on very well as I made my way through the cigar.


Second Third

As I burned my way into the second third of this cigar I noticed the pepper flavors becoming more intense.  I attempted to retrohale this cigar, and because of the pepper my eyes became very watery, however it was not unpleasant.  I also picked up on some espresso flavors that seemed to come and go as I smoked my way through this cigar.  The burn continued to be a little uneven, but I was able to control it with a few touch-ups with my Xikar Executive torch.  The ash finally fell off after about 2 1/2 inches.


Last Third

Into the last third of the cigar the peppery components began to mellow out as a rich oaky flavor became more dominant and really balanced out the cigar.  The draw did began to loosen as I puffed my way closer to the end, and in turn the burn began to correct itself.  I should also mention that I got a serious nicotine rush out of a couple of these cigars.  These cigars lasted anywhere between 45-60 minutes for me and provided abundant flavorful smoke.


Final Thoughts

Wow, the Jesus Fuego 777 is a real firecracker of a cigar.  The flavors are intense and in your face.  If you fire up one of these cigars expect lots of pepper, barnyard, oak and espresso flavors.  I have experienced some burn issues with these cigars, however I’ve never had one burn so bad that it disrupted my enjoyment of the cigar.  The ash is very strong, and I dare say is a Nice Tight Ash.  I would absolutely recommend this cigar to anyone that enjoys a full-bodied cigar or to the cigar enthusiast that enjoys a good nicotine buzz, just please eat a heavy meal beforehand. 

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Great Review! I read a couple recent reviews on the ‘777’ and the consensus so far is that this is a great cigar. These are reasonably priced as well, so grabbing a box of 21 for somewhere around $90-95 depending on vitola isn’t out of the question either.

Thanks again for the review and please keep ’em coming!


Plain and simple – this guy makes damned great cigars. Look at that wrapper…come to papa!!!

– Zman

This is one I picked up a while ago but haven’t smoked yet. The Dog Watch Social Club had a Fuego a month or so ago (not this line, a Jesus Fuego Gran Reserva Corojo #1 Belicoso) and it was as boring a smoke as I’ve ever had, so that’s kind of kept me from lighting my 777 up before now. But with this input and my great love of powerful smokes I think it’s time has come!

Thanks for the great review Chris!

Thanks for your input Doc. If you like a full flavored cigar I think you’ll love these oily beauties.

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