Sunday Fiver – June 28, 2009

A fiver of cigar stories from around the Web.

Cigar Reviews

Jerry and Brian from Stogie Review did another of their “Herf’n Heads” segments, and this time reviewed (1) CAO Habano (Escaparate). They have a good discussion about the range of Escaparate cigars. They weren’t as impressed by them as Chris and I were.

CAO Habano

Jason at Cigar Inspector smoked one of my favorite Habanos, the (2) Ramon Allones Specially Selected, and, from his rating, I’d say it’s one of his favorites too.

Doc Stogie Fresh has one of his Cigar Postscript reviews of the (3) Ashton ESG 21 Year Salute. His take on the flavors are pretty close to what I found when I smoked it a week or so ago.

Puffing Cigars did a group review of the new (4) Oliva Connecticut Reserve, and called it worthy of purchasing a box.


Patrick A from Stogie Guys lists his (5) Top Five Cigar Pet Peeves. I’d agree with all of them except the last one. Inconsistency is an issue, but with a hand made product, no two items will ever be the same. But it’s his pet peeves, so who am I to argue?

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