Sunday Fiver – November 15, 2009

For the Sunday Fiver this week, I am asking you, “NTA Nation” as Ben has dubbed you, 5 questions that we would really like to know.

  1. What do you get most out of cigar reviews in general? (includes all sites, blogs, mags, etc.)

  3. What do you think of the general format of most cigar reviews?

  5. What would you really like to learn when you watch a review? (What information are you looking for?)

  7. What is your favorite flavor profile in a cigar and why? If you don’t want to reference a flavor profile, what is your favorite cigar and why?

  9. What 2-3 cigars would you like to see talked about here on the site?

You can answer all or some of the questions. It’s entirely up to you. I am not looking for you to do our job for us but I am really interested to see what you guys and gals like and what you want to get out of the reviews on this site.  Either leave a comment or send us an email.  I will be discussing these questions and answers in a later review.

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1. I generally just try to get an idea of what the cigar is like. It’s how I learn about new cigars.

2.I like more cigar formats. Every site does it slightly different which is nice. Keeps it fresh.

3. How it’s made, who makes it, the flavors, how it smoked.

4. I like a mixture of spiciness and sweetness.

5. I would like to see the Padron Family Reserve and whatever else you guys want to smoke.

Cigar reviews are helpful in that we can live a bit vicariously through the reviewer as they smoke a wide variety of cigars. They may help to confirm a future purchase or affirm a personal opinion. I simply enjoy reading about cigars, but not the repetitive nature of most review formats.

Pre-light draws, if there’s a triple cap, if there’s a soft spot or “what’s the burn like” tell me little about the cigar. When is the last time you didn’t smoke a cigar upon learning of a soft spot or if the pre-light draw tasted like barnyard? It’s all about the taste (and to a large extent, price point) of a cigar.

Take three cigars (exact brand/size/etc.) and smoke them over the course of a week – one in the morning, afternoon and evening. Also, let us know at what humidity they were smoked, if you ate anything up to one hour pre-light and if you had anything to drink with the cigar.
Give us your honest, concise review of how they smoked, definitive taste profile and if there were any taste inconsistencies over the three cigars.

I’d also like to see more honest, blind reviews. The ones you are doing are well worth watching.

I have no particular flavor profile preference except that good flavored, one-dimensional cigars can be boring (but still worth the time). Changing flavor profiles throughout a cigar separate great cigars from good ones.

I’d like to see you pick 10 or 15 low-, mid- and high-cost cigars and pick an overall winner in each category. Or, blind taste all of them with the goal of selecting the ultimate taste winner.

I won’t address each question individually, ’cause I can’t. I began enjoying fine cigars and humidor life with cubans while overseas. After returning to the states I took a break from my hobby. I didn’t want to belittle the experience I had with the cubans. I have learned there are some fine OTC (other than cuban) cigars out there so have now purchased a smaller humidor to reignite my passion. One can tell a lot about a cigar simply by looking at it. My main concerns are:
1. The draw.
2. aroma.
3. Quality of the roll
4. The finish!
Even with cubans, I’ve had to toss a cigar for excessive run or blockage. Breaks my heart. Love the site. Good job.

What I like to get from a review is basically just an opinion from a fellow cigar lover,so I can decide if it’s something I’d like to try.I don’t really mind what format is used via written or video,just info and personality.As far as flavor profile I prefer,I guess peppery robust flavors are my favorites.Noting that flavor and strength are 2 totally different things. Favorites right now are the LX2,DPG Blue&cuban classic,and the Diesel is growing on me!I love a lot of cigars,anything DPG OR CAO is great for me as far as reviews go.(even though they have all been done)Thanks guys!

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