Sunday Fiver- January 3, 2010

Since this is the first Sunday of 2010, and by this time most people have already broken their New Years Resolution, I thought I’d list my 5 Cigar Resolutions for 2010.

Resolution No. 1

I resolve to find my new favorite cigar. It’s so much fun trying new cigars or revisiting old favorites. In all of that sampling, I ‘d like to find a cigar that I have to keep on hand.

Resolution No. 2

I resolve to attend more B&M events, which should not be an issue now that one of my local B&M’s recently started holding events on a more regular basis. Events are great for meeting cigar “celebrities” but the true hidden value is sometimes being introduced to a cigar you would not normally try.

Resolution No. 3

I resolve to learn how to roll a cigar. As an enthusiast it’s great to see rollers in action, but to actually sit down and give it a try would be priceless.

Resolution No. 4

I resolve to make my man-cave (garage) more comfortable in the coldest winter nights and the hottest summer days. Since I spend a good amount of time in the garage smoking cigars It’s important that I make it comfortable. This includes finding an effective heating/cooling set-up along with a few other amenities.

Resolution No. 5

I resolve to hold a huge herf at my house in the hopes to raise money for charity.

What is your Cigar Resolution for 2010>

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Happy New Year,Chris!

I resolve to be thankful that I can smoke my cigars in the comfort of my living room and bedroom because I know many of my BOTLs, especially, are smoking in uncomfortable garage or shed “man cave” environments.

Resolution #2
I,too, resolve to learn how to roll a cigar as there is an available class once a month in my area.

Resolution #3
I resolve to attend the Big Smoke in Las Vegas this year come hell or high water!Life is too short to miss out on that kind of big fun!

Resolution #4
I resolve to support my local B&M to the best of my financial ability. Since the state of California is taxing us like its getting revenge for something none of us knows we did, supporting the tobacconists is not an easy thing to do these days.

Resolution #5
I resolve to continue to be active in the fight against any and all legislation that has the intent to prohibit our enjoyment of fine, quality cigars.

~Love and Gratitude~Rasheedah Sabreen aka MoonCatCrew

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