Sunday Fiver….with a twist

Usually on Sunday, we list five reviews on other blogs we found quite interesting. While I visited a lot of blogs this week and watched/read a lot of reviews, I thought I would do something a little different this Sunday. A new cigar shop opened on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this week called The Cigar Shop, which I will cover later, and my friend Lee Barton and I got into a discussion about cigars and prices. There are a lot cigars that cost a ton of money for one stick. We debated on, not if its worth it, but if the large price difference from some of our favorites really translate into how much better the cigar is. For instance, if cigar A cost $10 and cigar B cost $30, is cigar B really 3 times better? Usually, the answer is no. So, going off that, I want to list 5 of my favorite cigars that are in my sweet spot of $5-$8. This are is where I think you get the most value for your money. I list these in no particular order.

CAO La Traviata
La Flor Dominica Double Ligero (DL 660)
601 Series (Black is my favorite)
Nestor Miranda Special Selection (Coffee Break)
A. Fuente Gran Reserva Rosado (52)

Now, it was hard to name just 5, but I wanted to give a sample. Other companies like JC Newman, Torano, Padron, Perdomo, La Aroma De Cuba and Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur, etc make some great sticks at this price too. My point is, now, better than ever before, we have one great selection of cigars all priced for the different types of BOTLs in the cigar family. Something for everyone. Its a great time to be a cigar smoker!

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Great list Ben. I have yet to try any of these. Hopefully when the opportunity arises.. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Many of us are on budgets for our smokes these days so it makes me very happy that companies have been responding to the economic times and producing cigars that are less expensive and still full of flavor. I agree with you on the CAO La Traviata, but for the other 4, I would say: LFD Air Bender, Savinelli Liga Especial, CAO Gold Vintage, and Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro. This represents some of my favorites smokes and the most expensive of them runs about $8.15 where I buy.

Thanks for the list, Ben. I’ve enjoyed all the mentioned smokes.

I agree with your picks
Some other great values are the Cain Maduro (Habano too), Alec Bradley Family Blend.
There are definitely some good ones out there.

Outstanding list of cigars. My favorite is the N.M.Special Selection.

Wow, how’d I miss this?

Fan of Nestor here, yup, yup.

Nice list. Unfortunately the only CAO La Traviata I’ve smoked had serious construction and burn issues.

Thanks for the listing. (Catching up on the blogs)

Out here in CA most of those are around $8 or above (except the La Travi).

Man, God Bless America!

I live in a Western suburb of Toronto and we get killed up here on prices with taxes and duty.

A CAO Brazilia Gol size is $10 at the low end here, and the Tempus Centuria runs $39.99 at our local shop.

If any of you get to Buffalo, Virgil Ave Tobacconist have a great assortment and a nice sitting room with big screens. Prices are in line with other comments posted on the site, and the staff is friendly.

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