Tatuaje Black Tubo

Two weeks ago I smoked the Tatuaje Verocu Tubo with you. This time I’m lighting up the companion release, the Tatuaje Black Tubo. The Black is known as Pete Johnson’s personal smoke, and came out in two other sizes previously, a corona gorda (my favorite) and a robusto. It’s a Nicaraguan puro, and features an unfinished foot. It’s a little pricier than the Verocu tubo at a MSRP of $14, and comes in the same 10 count boxes.

Name: Tatuaje Black Tubo
Company: Havana Cellars
Made by: My Father Cigars
Made in: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
MSRP: $14.00
Comes in: Boxes of 10
Vitola: 6-1/8″ x 52

Final Thoughts

This was an incredible stick. Good complexity of flavor, very nice construction. While the price point is high, it’s definitely worth having one now and then on a special occasion. It’s definitely my favorite size in the Black lineup now.

I also talk a bit about the interview that Pete did with Jerry from Stogie Review, where he talks about not doing the tubes anymore. Lots of good info in that interview, so I suggest checking it out. I also talk about special occasion cigars and how to get the most out of them.

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Yet another stick on my “to try” list. Thanks for the review Charlie, if for nothing else to entice me to empty my wallet and bank further.

Still haven’t tried these…not willing to seek them out based on mixed reviews I have seen, especially at the price point.

This was a great stick. Go out and get a few.

Yep: I am hoping for some myself. Want to waltz into a meeting with a coupla reds & a coupla blacks… That said, I am waiting for my personal economy to improve a bit before purchase.

I’ll compare this with the red review at lunch!

After paying $16 for this one, I found myself very disappointed with it. For that kind of price, I expect a cigar to knock my socks off, but the Black was just “good”…which isn’t nearly good enough for a cigar with this reputation and price of admission. Combine that with the Red Tubo which was even more disappointing to me and I will be avoiding all of Pete Johnson’s more pricey efforts–especially new ones–in favor of some of his more reasonably priced sticks that have already proven themselves.

Great review. I actually like the red better :)

Sux I missed you at the Humidour! You were too quick.

I only had 2 of these and one had a crack at the foot, but caused no problems with the burn.


I’ve tried a couple of these & found them to be decent but not extraordinary. I actually preferred the less expensive Verocu Tubo.

Sounds like an awesome cigar, unfortunately I’ve not seen them locally. Definitely a special occasion cigar.

Heh: I love how the light changes over time in the vid (kinda like the old–very old–computer role playing games when the text description would be “time passes”). Charlie makes me think I’m living the wrong life–I barely have time to HEAR about someone puffing!

Nice review. Hey do you know if the black tubo is a similar or the same blend as the 3-packs Tatuaje gives away with box purchases at events?

Those 3-packs feature the un-finished foot as well. I haven’t tried the black tubo, but I’m going to now to see how it compares to the 3-packers.

I definitely prefer the Verocu tobu. However, I’ve been using the black tubo as my go-to “mini-travel humidor” for a few weeks now, and it’s great!

Just picked up a box of these. I am letting them sit for at least 2 months as I have been told that they are one of the better aging cigars out there. Thanks for the review, I am getting excited about having a few of these in the future!

I will try both cigars to see how good they are if I can find the cigars at my local cigar shop. On the cigar review, I would like a little more in the smelling and feeling of the cigar’s foot and wrapper. Overall, it’s a great review.

Great use of the Stone’s… Tatuaje has a good marketing concept but I haven’t tried the blacks yet. Thanks for the review and the interview with Pete.

Haven’t tried these yet. Might have to.

Nice review Charlie and thanks so much for putting another cigar on my must try list!! (sarcasm alert!!) Seriously…even with the high price I’ll seek a couple of these out!

Sounds like a good cigar Charlie, but I do not think this one is for me,might be a little strong and also for the price.

Bought a box of the red tubos last week.I smoked one the other day and it was a great cigar.Will have to give the black tubos a try but I have not heard many good reviews so i will only buy a couple.

Steve: do a head-to-head, red to black, and let us know!

I’ve not had a Tatuaje that I did not like, this one is probably great too.

Great review! I’ve really enjoyed this stick to. Smoking one of these was my first chance at smoking the fabled Black blend and it was so good I bought a box.

Pete is a great guy….my first tat black about two years ago was the most amazingly flavorful cigar I ever smoked…got a black tubo from him at an event last year and was asked what I thought…put it away because I thought it would be so special…lit up a tubo from my b and m last month…cigar was harsh and burned poorly…I kept smoking waiting for something special…it was very disappointing to say the least…

I bought a box of the Red Tubos – they taste great but have burnt poorly – has anyone else experienced this. By poor burn, I mean uneven – inconsistent. A lot of touch ups. I can’t get enough of the flavor. I wish I would have gotten the blacks

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