Tatuaje Monster “The Drac”

It’s almost Halloween, and that means the second release of the Tatuaje Monster Series. Following last year’s release, The Frank, this year Pete Johnson has released The Drac. It’s a 6 3/4″ x 52 ring gauge torpedo with a Habano Maduro wrapper in a black, piano-finished coffin shaped box.

This review ran a little long at just over 32 minutes in length. I paired it with a Shmaltz Brewing Coney Island Freaktoberfest. I talk about the influence of package design, the controversy around the Monster Series, horror movies, and how it compares to the Frank.

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Awesome review Charlie and I liked at the different topics. I don’t think any of my local shops carry Tatuaje so I doubt I can get teh Dracs around here. I can get the Shmalts so I am going looking for that right after work!

I have no problem with limited runs. It’s actually the internet that drives demand up so high if you ask me. People just have to have the cigars first or right away. You mentioned OpusX and I just finally got a couple PerfectionX and I paid $15 a stick. I wasn’t going to pay $30 for that either. If I can find an in demand cigar and they are charging retail, I will get it otherwise I won’t.

I have been watching a lot of what I would call “classic” 70s-80s horror flicks over the last month. I’ve watched Carrie, The Omen, Alien (I saw that on last weekend too), Halloween, and a couple others. I am going to watch the Blair Witch tomorrow.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sounds like a cigar I might not actually enjoy. I do not like when they have that Nicotine kick to them!

Horror films – I liked, The Relic, Cube, Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. Now I like others also, Alien, Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc – but I figure you already know about them :)

I HATE how they are distributing the cigars. Most of the time you have to KNOW someone at the shop or else pay a fortune to get them. I have never had a Frank, Boris, nor the Drac, and I doubt I ever will. Living where i do, we dont have big shops so the closest place to drive that would have them would be an hour away, which by the time I would get there, they would be sold out ;)

I am not pissed that I never got any, just upset at how everything has gone with the distribution. Sell them as a box, fine, but dont tell people they have to buy a box of other cigars just to buy a single! Dont take those boxes and put them in samplers, just sell them by the box PERIOD – DONE – FINITE no single sales, only box.


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Great review Charlie..I’m still trying to secure a box of the Dracs..But doesn’t look good so far..Oh well..Limited is limited..I have no problem with Pete on that front..I see some retailers are doing lotterys..to me that’s more than fair..as long as they don’t require you to buy something to enter..
Any retailer that requires you to buy something just for the right to buy the Dracs is a scumbag in my opinion..and should have a stake driven through their money grubbing heart…
Anyway..If you have never seen the original “Night of the Living Dead” by George Romero in black & white..Rent It..When I was a kid..it scared the hell out of me..
Still love it today..
Thanks for the great site you guys..

Great review Charlie,

My favorite horror flick is Se7en….

Great review Charlie!

It sounds like a cigar I’d really like, lots of spice and full bodied. Probably won’t be able to find one though so it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

I understand the limited thing. I will occasionally purchase a limited release cigar, but I usually want to try one before I purchase a box and with the limited releases that usually isn’t possible. But it is Pete’s company and he can do whatever the hell he wants and he isn’t responsible for what the retailers do with the cigars.

As far as movies, I don’t know if you’d consider these horror but I think they are good. Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. It is a great Mel Brooks comedy. I also like Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale (it some great tight leather).

I really enjoy horror books. Over the past 2 years I’ve read almost all of Stephen King’s books and I’m starting on Dean Koontz’s books. Neither of them are overly gory (like most people think) but are more cerebral in their horror.

I really enjoy taking a book, a couple cigars, and a libation out to the patio and spend a couple hours relaxing.

Very nice review Charlie! Sounds like we got very different flavors out of the ones we smoked.

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