Rare Ash: Tatuaje Monster “The Frank”

Chris and I got the chance to smoke together again, and decided to review the Tatuaje Monster “The Frank”. The first of thirteen releases in the series, the Frank is a box-pressed double corona, wrapped in a veiny, oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper.

We talk about the concept behind the Monster series, our previous experiences smoking the Frank, and even give you a chance to win a five pack of Pete Johnson smokes, including a Tatuaje Frank (watch to the end to see how to enter).

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Awesome review guys..I agree that the Frank has mellowed a bit..though I haven’t smoked one in a few months..The first one I had was indeed a powerhouse..I am a huge Yankee fan as well..So cool to sweep the Red Sox..I wish I knew if your jersey was of a current or past player…but I’m going to guess the Captain #2..Derek Jeter..He’s my fav current player..
Thanks for the review guys..keep em coming..

Awesome review.

This is one of those cigars that I would have a hard time deciding to smoke. I think it would have to be a special occasion for me to light it up, especially if I had only 1. I still dont like the limited release cigars, but this one is a bit better than the Escaparate collection because you are not limited to 1 place in the country, you at least have a couple stores that have them. I also HATE the ones that are marking these through the roof and I wish Pete Johnson would make note of the ones doing it and make sure they never get their hands on any of his stuff!

Well I guess I will pick a present player and will go with #26 Jose Molina.


As always guys, a real stand-up review! I’ve got one of these frank boys sitting around awaiting me to fire it up. It’s just coming down to find the occasion to do so.

As this would be fitting for the monster review, I’m gonna say you are wearing #13’s jersey…Alex Rodriguez!

Great review. I have always wanted to try the Frank and it is kind of annoying that it is so hard to get a hold of. I noticed some guy was selling a box on ebay for $500 which made it even more annoying. Anyway, my Guess is Alex Rodriquez. Number 13 which happens to be my favorite sports number.

Great review fella’s.

When it comes to any Double Corona, I always feel like I’ve gotta take half the evenin off just to enjoy it. But lord knows I love’em. As for “The Frank”, It sounds fantastic. Another Pete Johnson classic. Coffee flavors, and that distintic smell of his sticks. If given the chance, I know I’d enjoy it.

As for the jersey, and from a fellow Yankees fan..I’m gonna say Don “Donnie Baseball” Mattingly.


Nice review. I missed out on the Frank when when it came out. Your descriptions are pretty much consistent with everything I’ve heard about these. Anyway, thanks for the review and contest.

I’m going with #18 Johnny Damon.

Sorry, Don Mattingly’s jersey and the number was 23

Nice review… Feels a little like hey these are great too bad u can’t find any. Nice info on the release of the actors to go along with the Frank series.

I will guess you would be a lover of the guy with the hardest position on the field #20 Jorge Posada.

great review guys, i called a guy in raligh nc and he wanted 60 a stick that he had hiding, but i passed, so its nice to see the review, even if i couldnt try it.

im going to go with johnny damon #18 for the jersey your wearing.

Good review. I had never even heard of this cigar. I’ve only smoked maybe 2 tats. Let’s got with 25, Teixeira, since I’m from Texas.

Great review guys! Made me want to try one. I have trouble picking out different tastes as well and I usually go with the cuban method of judging a cigar…Mellow, Strong, Flovorful or what ever. I have never tasted walnuts or leather in any cigar I have smoked and I have be smoking them for over 30 years. My guess is Derek Jeter #2! Go Yankees! Send me my cigars :)

Great review!

I’ll go with Jorge Posada #20.

Great review guys. I have not had the Frank and I enjoyed your review of it. I was a sorry to see that the strength dropped off a little, but it does sound like it is still a real nice cigar. And I really do like these joint reviews. I know that time and location may not make them possible very often but when they occur they are fun to watch.

As far as the jersey, I am going to guess #20 Jorge Posada.

Great review guys, I’m always torn about smoking limited release cigars I feel like I should be saving it!

I will go with #2 Jeter

Another great review! I have had the opportunity to smoke a Tat Frank…but, they do sound damned good!

Now for my guess. Well, seeing since I’m a Toronto Blue Jays fan (Go Jays! :D), I’m going to go with a former Blue Jays player: #34 A.J. Burnett.

Nice review guys, well done!
Never smoked a Tat but would welcome the chance.

As for my guess…in line with the Tatuaje theme of 13 to a coffin and $13 a piece…I’m Guessing #13 Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez.

Nice review. I won’t ever see a Frank, but now at least I know if I smell something really unique someone around me is smoking one.

As for the player I will go with Joba Chamberlain #62.

Killer review guys the Frank looks great haven’t been able to experience one yet. Gonna go after a box of Dracs for sure. I’m dying (LOL) to get a whiff of that interesting aroma! Lets’ go with #13 and A-Rod.

Hey guys. As usual very thorough and informative review. Would love to get my hands on one of those.

As far as the jersey, I’ll go with No. 25 Texeira.

Great review guys…

Jeter #2

Great review guys! Cigar sounds like a great way to spend an hour and a half! You probably won’t let me win being a sox fan, but you said you are a big Yankees fan! That sounded sincere so I am going to guess a real Yankees fan would wear a Jeter # 2!

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Great review! Can’t wait to enjoy one of those. I am a huge fan of Tatuaje and Cabaiguan cigars. Ok, ok. I am going with #2, Derek Jeter. I certainly hope he is you favorite Yankee!

Awesome review. Great descriptions of the flavor and aroma. I am interested in what you mean by that aroma that is so unique that you can’t describe it. Way out of my price range but firmly planted on my wish list. I think smoking one of these would be appropriate during Halloween in Salem Ma where i live and work in the tourist industry.

My guess is Derek Jeter #2.

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Nice review guys, have to keep me eyes open next year for those Drac’s Can’t believe no one’s said it but I’ll go with #3 Babe Ruth

Great review! I have liked every cigar of Pete Johnson’s that I have tried. Especially the Eastie that I had bombed to me. I have seen my tastes start to move towards the full bodied cigars, so this is one I am sure I would like. Thanks for your time on the review!

I will go with the closer #42 Mariano Rivera

Trying like hell to keep some franks around for aging.. but it’s getting tough.

As for the Jersey.. I’ll go out on a limb and say #7.. Mickey Mantle..

Great review getting down to the last of my Franks wish I had more. As for the jersey I will say Melky Cabrera #53

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