Update: Puros Indios Viejo

Two months ago I wrote an unfavorable review of the Puros Indios Viejo.  Well this past week I decided to reach deep into the humidor and smoke another one these to see if my experience would change.  I decided to fire up the stick on my way home from work, and was so amazed at the difference in my experience that I decided to smoke another this past Sunday so I could take some notes and write an update.  For this update I’ve thrown out the traditional review format for a more free form account my my smoking experience.


On both of these occasions the cigars delivered a rich nutty flavor with undertones of leather and coffee with milk.  An abundance of smoke was produced that left a pleasant room aroma of hay; which was also present on the retrohale.  The ash was solid and, during one account, held on for over 2 1/2 inches.

As I smoked my way through the second half I could begin to pick up on a bittersweetness that came from the cocoa flavors that picked up in strength.  I could also identify the nuttiness as pecans with hints of earthy hay.

Overall this cigar was much better with an additional two months of age.  The cigars had great flavor with no detectable acidic flavors that I noticed in the past.  I’m curious if the weather conditions had any influence on my past impressions of the Puros Indios Viejo.  It’s been my experience that there are an infinite amount variables that can alter a smoking experience.  This week Maryland had a few warmer spring like days, capped off by the weather on Sunday that reached well into the 60’s with clear skies.  Since my original review was written after smoking in in the garage in sub freezing weather, it’s completely possible that my original review was skewed by the less than optimum conditions.  Whatever the reason, I felt it was important to give an update.

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I like a free form review. It just reads easier. Anyway, nice review. I have smoked a couple of Puros in the past, but never the Viejo. They sound good with age.

Aha! I knew the last one had to be an abberation. At the price, these could fit the bill of an everyday smoke for all but the BOTL who insist on the most full bodied/full flavored smokes.

Unfortunately Famous was out of stock when I placed my last order with them….

If this free form type of review is easier for you, go with it! The longer you can do these reviews and have it not feel like ‘work’, they better your end results will be. :-)

Great review, thanks.

Nice review, I agree that some cigars seem to change profiles with age or are dependent on environmental factors.

Nice review. Interesting to see the difference with some age.

Nice review! I have to agree with you, as the second trip around on this cigars was much, much better. The first Puros Indiao Viejo had a slightly rough wrapper with small veins. The cigar did carry a oil and firm feel and felt very comfortable to smoke. I noticed a slight acidic taste right off the bat, followed by a mild pepper or mild spice I cant put my finger on. The burn took off about an inch down and never corrected itself. Even though the burn was uneven, the ash held for over an inch. The flavor remained the same through the 2/3rds mark. At this point, the slight bitter taste still lingered, and was consistantly on the mild side. For the first time smoking, I was happy with the the cheap purchase. I finished to the nub and stashed the rest away. To the meat of the story. I let 18 of these cigars sit for around 10 months. I just smoked a couple the other day at a golf outing, and WOW, what a difference. The light-up filled the air with thick pleasant smoke. The cigar still started out mild, but leaped into a new category around the 1/3rd mark. Consistant spice, with earthy tones overwhelmed my mouth. I highly recommend this cigar to sit for a couple months before lighting. I will continue to keep this in my humidor as long as they are available. PS. This cigar goes well with a Coke Zero!! Brings out a caramel undertone.

Thanks for the updated review, I order 20 of them for $29, sounds like a I got a good deal. Supposed to arrive today, but my humidor is not ready, I still need to prepare it.

I was looking for reviews on this cigar and found some very good stuff but needed to really do some research.

I just order a sampler of 10 high quality cigars with a glass-top humidor for $35 and felt like I got ripped off with the Puros Indios Viejo Maduro Churchill cigars.

Glad I found this review update, the format works for me.


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