Viaje Platino Edicion Limitada

This week I review the Viaje Platino EL which is an extension to the Viaje Platino line.  Like the Oro EL, its the same blend as the regular Platino line, but in a special double torpedo size which is 6″ x 50.

Grade A Cuban seed

How does this cigar compare to the Oro EL and the regular Platino line?  What the video and find out.

PS – Limerick winner was a tie, even though they were all really great! Winners……Matthew Easter and Adam! Congrats and email me your address.

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Thanks! Now *there’s* one I have yet to try…

Always a pleasure.

[Sorry for the double-post; feel free to combine]

“Old, old wooden house.” I know *exactly* what you mean!

Do you have a fan going during your reviews? The airflow around that ‘gar is mighty forceful.

$13.50?! Yikes!

$13.50 for a cigar with problems on the wrapper? That’s a bit steep to accept flaws, IMO. It also points out one of my big issues with cigars not delivered in cellophane (I’m assuming here, I guess, that you didn’t take off the cellophane before the video began)…very easily damaged.

Thanks for another great review Ben. Appreciate the insight.

It is a nother good review on the Viaje Platino Edicion Limitada. I ‘ve heard the Viaje 50/50. Is it will be on your next revie? Thank…

Seems like the Viaje brand gets some nice reviews. I’ve never had one. That double torpedo looked good.

Good on ya, Matt E & Adam!

Good review Ben, again I think this one is to strong for me, and also the $13.50 is a little to much for me.

Thanks for the great review, Ben. I haven’t had the opportunity to try a Viaje yet, but I’ll definitely seek them out.

I was hoping to win the contest. Oh well. Hopefully something will come of the march contest.
I’ll put this cigar on my to get list!

Nice review Ben,I have never had a viaje but maybe I’ll give it a try.The price point is a bit high so it may take a while.

Congrats to the winners!

Nice review once again. I have never had a Viaje cigar as of yet, but I will have to remedy that one soon I think.


Thanks for the review Ben!

I’ve only had one Viaje cigar and wasn’t that impressed. Don’t know if I’ll try this one out, if I could even find it.

Remember, this is the EL version so it cost more. The regular Viaje is like $8-$9.

Nice, interesting cigar review. I am not sure if I’ll be laying out for these, but I am glad that you have reviewed them. Do you think that there are any significant flavor impacts on the cigar from the double torpedo shape? I find it hard to believe that the shape is anything more than just a marketing gimmick, but I haven’t smoked one so that is just conjecture on my part.


Yes, it does make a huge difference, especially with wrapper flavors. One line that this really shows up in is the CAO La Traviata. The smaller ring gauges are much tastier, as they seems to have amplified notes where the larger ring gauges seem to mute them. On the other hand, on fuller bodied cigars, the larger ring gauges usually taste better, to me, like the La Flor Dominica Double Ligero line.

Size and its relation to taste

One aspect of this relationship IMO, is ring gauge. Smaller ring gauges seem to compact and funnel the flavor to the palette. But that is strictly related to flavor. Because a cigar with larger ring gauge and length can be stronger or offer fuller bodied smoke.

I enjoy figurado and torpedo vitolas because they seem to play on the combination.

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