What 2012 Will Bring

As we enter the fourth year of Nice Tight Ash I want to extend all my thanks to everyone that visits our site and contributes via comments. The last three years have gone by rather quickly, so quickly we haven’t gotten to change things quite they way we originally intended. So what does that mean? It actually means a couple of things.

In the coming months we will finally be launching a redesigned site that we’ve promised for the last two years. Along with the redesign we’re hoping to improve the way you’re able to view our content. I’m also hoping to change things up and provide some different types of content. With that said, I’d like to once again ask for your input regarding what you’d like to see. What can we do better? What would you like to see? Should we just STFU?

Also, this New Year is going to bring about a change for me. Throughout 2011 you might have noticed a drastic drop in the amount of posts from me. Well without going into a ton of detail I’ll just say there were a number of personal and professional reasons that I just couldn’t keep up. Good news is things are starting to slow down and I should be back to regular weekly posts. I’d really like to thank Ben and Shawn for keeping this boat afloat while I was absent.

One more piece of business. At the beginning of December I posted the “Sometimes I Just Want and El Cheapo” article along with a contest. I sent and e-mail to the winner, Brian, but have not yet heard back. I’ll give Brian until midnight Friday, January 6th to reply. If I don’t receive a reply by then I’ll choose a new winner via a random number generator.

So that just about wraps up all I have to say. We hope you have a great year and look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

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Hi Cris, been watching you guy’s for about a year and a half, got back smoking cigar’s about three years, have enjoyed reading and viewing very much. Nothing at this time that I can ask you to do different that you have been doing, looking forward to 2012.

i can’t wait to see the changes in the site. Keep the reviews coming.

I vote for more reviews with your dad or get the super-slacker Brian back to do some joint reviews!

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