Winston Churchill Lancaster

Recently, I was sent some samples of a new Winston Churchill cigar that was to be released in the end of April called the Lancaster.  This new line extension is a follow up to ever popular Spitfire line which are petit coronas available in tins.  As a historian and a World War 2 aviation buff, I was thrilled with name selection of these cigars  In case you didn’t know, the Spitfire was a British fighter plane made famous during the Battle of Britian and, arguably, the best fighter in World War 2.  The Lancaster was a medium bomber that gave nazi Germany hell with their massive night bombing raids.  I had tried the Winston Churchill line before and thought, while good, was overpriced, especially for such a mild bodied and flavored cigar.  The new Lancasters are supposed to be more medium bodied and flavored.  I let these sit for about a month, but my eagerness to try these got the better of me, so a review was born.  So, was this cigar a direct hit or a dud?  Watch the video and find out.

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Greetings everyone,

I’ve had the opportunity to smoke some of these thanks to a very good friend of mine in N.J. ………….WELL……..
first let me say that the cigar is good looking and well made, second, the price is worth 2 normal good cigars, and third, the cigar is tasteless & boring.

It’s in times like this that you can see that even Churchill’s family needs money.

Last but not least, Churchill was a HAVANA cigar smoker.
These are again, only NC’s that are only available mainly
in the US, some in the UK and that’s it.
Like all NC cigars, elsewhere they are looked at as a curiousity and change of pace but have never been considered
serious cigars.I have no intention of offending anyone, I’m just stating a FACT.

Best regards,


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