1998 Cuban Punch Corona

This week, I’m back to do another review on a Cuban cigar. Its been awhile for me, but when I get on a Cuban kick, I stay on it awhile. This week I’m reviewing a well aged cigar, a Punch corona from 1998. This cigar is 5.5 x 42. How does the cigar smoke? Check the video and find out. Also in the video, I announce the winner for the LGC AdT five pack!

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Haven’t had a Cuban in ages. Last time it was a Cohiba Lancero and they were pretty good, now that was 10 years ago. Like you said, quality control is not that good anymore. There are so many GOOD options from other countries plus so many counterfeits out there that I don’t even look for them anymore. Thanks for the review and keep on smoking.

Thanks for the review, Ben!

Thanks for the review. I’m tempted to try the forbidden fruit but I think I’d always wonder if it was real.

Mmmm… Punch de Cuba! My fantasy ‘gar, any vitola!

Thanks for the review, i had my first punch cuban, well my first cuban period about two weeks ago, and i loved, it wasnt as old as this one, but i think it was from 2001…

Sounds like these are great at first but decline from the start. Too bad.

Never had a Cuban, I can’t see how much more amazing they could be

Haven’t tried this cuban before. Thanks for the review!!

Had one of these earlier this week, and it was plugged beyond repair. I’ve had some ’98’s that were fantastic, and others that were like smoking straight hay.

I have been lived in the Communist country That people worked for the government just to collect a pay check. So that, their job tended to rush thru thing and they did not care about the job. Cuban is a communist country. When you buy a Cuban cigar that you tend to have a bad cigars than a good cigars.

Not quite sure what T-cigar is getting at… Anyone?

My only problem with Cubans besides the sometime hit and misses on the contrustion side of things.
Is I have a hard time think they are really good. Mainly I still know if they are not hitting/tickling the same pleasure zone in my brain. That is or was being hit/tickled when you doing something your not suppose to.
Like sneaking your first cigarette has a kid with your friends or the that first drink of beer a kid too.
You know? Anyone great thanks again.

I have to tell you that when you get a great cuban, you REALLY don’t want to smoke anythig else ever again, then you get a bad one and go back to the consistency of other countries. I think that is the main issue with cubans, I just feel let down when you expect such a great cigar, because you’ve had it before and it was exceptional and then the one you are smoking is horrible, or just meerly ‘good’.

Thanks for the thought, stogielover: that’s the REAL reason I steer clear of great Cubans (yah, that’s the ticket!).

Thanks for the review, never had a punch cuban.

I’ve only ever smoked two cubans (and one fake that was gifted to me by a deck hand… didn’t have the heart to tell him). And they were good but not near as good as most other cigars I’ve smoked.

I guess it just means I have to smoke more cubans.

Great review! Keep up the great work!


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