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Tabacos Baez Serie SF

Welcome to my Black Friday review of a Cheap Ash cigar. The Tabacos Baez Serie SF is a new addition to Tabacos Baez line from Don Pepin Garcia. What makes this cigar different is the fact that it is made up of 70% long filler and 30% short filler. Because of the short filler this […]

Marco V Brazilian Grand Reserve

HAPPY THANKSGIVING NTA Nation! I hope you are all enjoying a day of family and friends, good spirits and a fine cigar or two. While you are sitting back on this great American Holiday, please remember those folks who can get home to see thier families because they are assuring our safety and freedom. If […]

Cigar Review – Cuban Custom Rolled #2

This week, I’m reviewing the second custom rolled cigar that I received from my friend, Steve Howard. This cigar is a corona gorda with a much darker wrapper. This cigar also had an uncut shaggy foot. Will that make lighting the cigar a chore and mess up the burn of the cigar? Watch the video […]

First Impressions: Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve

The Seclect Cabinet Reserve (SCR) is a new cigar from Alec Bradley. This cigar features a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Some of the same elements used in the popular Tempus line were also used in the SCR. This cigar and available in 5 vitolas, and for this review I’ll be smoking the 5.5 […]

Sunday Fiver: November 22, 2009

I recently received an e-mail from Partagas concerning their new Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series Majestuoso.  To kick off the launch of their new Limited Edition cigar, Partagas will be hosting a series of events.  I have provided an excerpt from the email below with all the pertinent information. As a fellow cigar lover, we […]

Saturday Ashes – November 21, 2009

Just a couple of tidbits from the site. First, a huge thanks to all the people who have donated smokes for the troops. As usual the cigar community is comming through large. Also, the manufacturers are being very generous towards the raffle prizes. A big thanks goes out to them as well for thier generosity. […]

CAO Brazilia Gol

Coming at you from Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati, OH, I have my brother in-law in tow at a CAO event where we are reviewing the CAO Brazilia Gol. The event at Jungle Jim’s was a great time with some great deals on CAO stuff. We bought a box of La Traviata and received a great […]

Custom Rolled Cuban Cigar

I recently got a custom rolled cigar using cuban tobacco from a friend of mine, @brooktrouttn, to see what I thought of the cigar. He actually sent me two and this is the first of the batch, torpedo. I judge the cigar to be about 6 1/2″ to 6 1/4″ and about a 50 ring […]

Holiday Smokes for our Heroes: Sponsored by CAO, Xikar, and Lotus


Alright NTA Nation, as mentioned in our review last Monday, we are looking to make a large donation of stogies to our heroes fighting for us overseas. The men and women who put their home lives on the back burner and their bodily lives on the line everyday for us deserve anything we can offer to make the days go by. Especially at this time when being with family means so much to many people and these fine folks have given up that opportunity to be on the front lines for us. Our troops and their families sacrifice so much so we can enjoy the things we do everyday so even if it is only a short respite from what they are dealing with on a regular basis, we want to provide a means to “get away”, either with friends or alone, and have a smoke to reflect on things aside from the every day rigors they have to endure. We also want them to know how proud we are of them and that we truly appreciate what they are doing. We know that there aren’t enough cigars in the world to show our thanks but every little bit helps.

Sunday Fiver – November 15, 2009

For the Sunday Fiver this week, I am asking you, “NTA Nation” as Ben has dubbed you, 5 questions that we would really like to know. What do you get most out of cigar reviews in general? (includes all sites, blogs, mags, etc.)      What do you think of the general format of most cigar […]