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Gurkha Empire I

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Gurkha has a huge variety to choose from. Their extensive lines of cigars cover mild to full-bodied cigars, cheap to expensive, and traditional to flavored/infused. So chances are, if you’re a cigar nut, Gurkha might have a cigar that suits your taste. The new Empire […]

Cigar Review – Ashton VSG Belicoso No. 1

The Ashton VSG was released in 1999 to much fanfare and was hard to find for years after their release due to their high demand. This was the first real cigar I ever smoked and it start a life long love affair with it and cigars. With such a great week, I felt like I […]

Pinar del Rio Oscuro

Pinar del Rio is still a relatively new brand, but looking at these sticks and the packaging it’s hard to tell. There is a traditional feel to these cigars that really interested me from the time they were released. These cigars are produced by Tabacos Don Leoncio, S.A., a partnership between Abe Flores and the […]

Blind Exchange: Review No. 5

Today I’m wrapping up the final installment of the Blind Exchange. It’s been a great exercise/experiment, and I look forward to doing more in the future. Most of all I need to actually put together an un-banded fiver for Charlie to smoke through. So the #5 cigar is a toro with medium shade brown wrapper. […]

Roberto Cigars Blend Selection: Samples 7-9

Ok folks, here’s the final episode of our cigar blend testing series in conjunction with Roberto Cigars. Here we have cigars 7-9. Look for the reveal of my favorite as well as how these blends differ from Bob’s original offerings in an upcoming post. If you haven’t already, check out #’s 1-3 here and #’s […]

Guest Review – Viaje 50/50 by Dustin

This is a guest review by one of our winners of the holiday review contest we recently held. Dustin submitted this review and we all thought it was well written and he included good pictures to go with it. Without further adieu, here is the review of the Viaje 50/50 by Dustin! I originally found […]

La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte

Since the Rocky Patel Winter 2009 was released, I’ve had a mini love affair with the Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. So last week when I saw the Pennsylvania Broadleaf sampler at I had to pick it up. In the sampler was the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte from AJ Fernandez. I’m a huge fan […]

Nub Cameroon

Sometimes a craving for a certain cigar hits, and the only thing you can do is smoke that cigar. So when I felt like smoking a Nub Cameroon I was surprised to realize we hadn’t yet reviewed a Nub on the site. The Nub line, released in 2008, is the brain-child of Sam Leccia who […]

Roberto Cigars Blend Selection: Samples 4-6

We’re back with the next episode in our Roberto Cigars full bodied blend search. If you haven’t already, check out #’s 1-3 here as well as our reviews of Roberto’s Standard (Mild) Blend and his Robust (Medium) Blend. Today we have for you samples 4-6. So let’s see how these three blends compare to our […]

Cigar Review – H. Upmann Magnum 50

A friend of mine at recently sent me a five pack of these cigars and wanted me to know how I like these.  These are from 2009 and I’ve had PLENTY of its smaller, older brother, the Mag 46.  Its always been a staple in my humidor and one I enjoy very much as […]