2011 Atlanta Tweetup at Buckhead Cigar Club

This past weekend, Shawn and I attended the 2001 Atlanta Tweetup hosted by Boram and Mike from Buckhead Cigar Club in Buckhead, GA.  Shawn and I went up a day early for the 3 day mega-herf and had an outstanding time.  The herf was attended by other fellow bloggers like Brian Hewitt of Stogie Review, who also lives in Buckhead, and David Jones from TikiBarOnline.com.  Also in attendence were several brand owners and representatives like the crew from Miami Cigars, Jason Wood and Matt Shugart along with the MAN himself, El Gato Grande, Guillermo Leon of La Aurora Cigars.  Clay Roberts of AJ Fernandez, Chris Harper (my favorite Canadian behind Terri Clark) of Perdomo Cigars and Jeff and Nada Jumper of Nadi Cigars.  The herf was also well represented by the locals including several on Twitter like Joseph Mayes, Tim Dennis, Nick Wiegand, Tim Vincent, and even one all the way from LA, Thomas Khammar, along with many others.  We also had visits from some other fine tobacconists like Matthew Allen and Wes Thornton from Burns Tobacconists along with the always beautiful and gracious Southern Belles, Erin and Kristy.  We also had Manny Stamathis of Tobacco World stop by.  Two major things were learned this weekend.  Jason Wood cannot keep a lighter in his possession and never leave you're phone alone….unlocked…..ever.  Here are some pictures from the event over the weekend:


Guillermo Leon, owner of La Aurora Cigars with the La Aurora 107 Puro Vintage…..unreleased as of yet.  Amazing cigar.  I hope El Gato Grande decides to release this cigar.

Jason Wood of Miami Cigars, Mike of Buckhead Cigar Club and Guillermo Leon of La Aurora with the La Aurora 107 Puro Vintage and The Big Mike


Mike smoking The Big Mike……6 x 80 cigar.

Tour of the Sweet Water Brewery with Shawn and Brian Hewitt.  GREAT beers.

22 oz bone in rib eye and cheesy mashed potatoes at NY Prime in Buckhead, GA.  Unbelievable.

The Double Coronary Bypass from The Vortex

The DCB burger description

Totchos – Loaded nachoes, but instead of tortilla chips, they use tater tots.  Ingenious.


….and now for the greatest things probably ever conjured up in a kitchen…….

Rathburn's Thick Cut Bacon with a sweet BBQ glaze…….yes, you heard me right.  Godly.

This is BY FAR the greatest gastronomical nirvana ever created.  

Absolutely E……P…….I…….C.

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding and Maple Ice Cream coated in powered sugar and covered in BACON sprinkles.  You're either extremely jealous right now or crying.  Go ahead.  It's ok.

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Sounds like a great time!

You boys eat well! That sure looks ”good”!

Totchos, NY Prime, thick cut bacon, Vortex burger… looks like you guys got a good taste of Atlanta’s finest dining. Congrats. And the trip to the liquor store was pretty epic, too. See you guys next year!

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