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Kings Cigars – King of Kings “Cuadrado”

Kings Cigars has been on the market for a decent amount of time now. They made an appearance at the Third Annual Chattanooga Tweetup back in August and their popularity has grown ever since. Kings Cigars has two factories, the first in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and the second in Esteli, Nicaragua. Although, I am not exactly […]

“Smoked Up” No.35

As I sit here and type this out, I realize I really didn’t accomplish much of anything this week or weekend! I had planned on doing a few reviews, but that fell off to the wayside when my daughter decided to cling to my side pretty much all weekend. I did our cigar shop’s fantasy […]

September Contest

It has been a while since I have done a contest and figured “why not do one now?” This contest will pretty simple. No need to be on twitter or facebook to enter this contest; just enter on this page. The IPCPR Trade Show ended last month and there was a fairly good amount of […]