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“Smoked Up” No.51

I hope everybody had a safe and happy Christmas. Mine was pretty good. My daughter racked up on some toys! I don’t think I have seen so much pink and Barbie items in my life!! I didn’t get to smoke too many cigars during this week, this week was more about family for me. I typically […]

2013 Cigars of the Year

The end of the year is knocking at my door. That means the Cigar of the Year lists are hitting the web here and there. I have been thinking lightly upon what cigars are going to make my yearly best of the best list for the last month. The cigars on my list (like last […]

“Smoked Up” No.50

Well, Christmas Eve is tonight. Either you have all of your shopping done, or you are reading this in-line at Wal-Mart buying those last minute gifts. I got everything I could get as far as presents wise for the family. I smoked a dozen or so blocks of cheese for my girlfriend’s sister whom was […]

JM’s Dominican Sumatra Toro

JM’s Dominican Cigars produces a good amount of wallet friendly cigars, and hookah products. The JM means John Mahroukian, whom is the father of the founder of the company, Anto Mahroukian. The company was started in the mid 90s and really took shape in 1997 when the Mahroukians bought their factory; basically after the “cigar boom”. This […]

“Smoked Up” No.49

Christmas is fast approaching, which means my Christmas Light display is finally complete. Grand total of lights this year is 5480. Nearly double of what I had last year, this year’s display is my favorite one I’ve done. I have a 12ft tall tree as the center of  the display. It consists of 1085 lights on […]


  COHIBA DEBUTS COMADOR CIGAR IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SHAWN “JAY Z” CARTER Richmond, VA — General Cigar Company announces the launch of Comador, a super premium cigar developed in partnership with Shawn “JAY Z” Carter.  Comador was developed under Cohiba®, the preeminent luxury brand owned by General Cigar, and marks JAY Z’s first collaboration in […]

Moya Ruiz La Jugada Habano Belicoso

Moya Ruiz was formed by Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz at the end of 2012. Rolled at the Espinosa “La Zona” factory, La Jugada means “the play” or “the move” as in dominos. Their newest line the La Jugada Habano is a line extension of their La Jugada. It was released at the 2013 IPCPR Convention […]

La Sirena and Miami Cigar Parting Ways

La Sirena and Miami Cigar Press Release NEW YORK, NY – December 12, 2013- Following a successful three-year partnership with Miami Cigar & Company, La Sirena Cigars will become independently owned and operated by Arielle Ditkowich as of December 31st, 2013. Ditkowich will remain at the helm, continuing to produce new and exciting blend profiles. […]

“Smoked Up” No.48

The holidays are in full swing and things here at my house are swinging back and forth worse than a carnival ride. The weather went from wet to cold to warm to comfortable all within a few days. The humidity stuck around long enough to hamper my cigar smokings somewhat. But it wasn’t enough for […]

A Flores 1975 Gran Reserva Half Corona

Released at the 2013 IPCPR Convention, the A Flores 1975 Gran Reserve is one of the newest lines from Pinar Del Rio Cigars (PDR). Master Blender Abe Flores blends PDR cigars in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Said factory blends and rolls not just PDR Cigars. They also blend and roll a hand full of other cigars […]