262 Paradigm Robusto

A couple nights ago Brian and I got together and fired up the Paradigm Robusto from 262 Cigars. When we get together for these reviews I like the video to speak for itself.

Name: Paradigm
Company: 262 Cigars
Made in: Honduras
Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Seco and Ligero from Esteli & Jalapa, Nicaragua and Cubito from Columbia
Price: $7.95
Comes in: Box of 20
Vitola: Robusto (4″ x 52)

Final Thoughts

Brian and I both found this to be an enjoyable stick. So much we decided to put up a little contest. The winner will receive a 3 pak of these cigars from my humidor. The only rules for this contest are as follows: all comments must be posted before 1200 EST on Sunday February 6, 2011, you must provided a valid e-mail address, and must live in the United States.

Although any comment will count towards the contest we’d specifically like to hear any suggestions you may have for the site. Either what you’d like to see reviewed or any improvements to the site you think would be beneficial. I will announce the winner during my review next Monday.

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I am new to cigars, and enjoy your site as well as your reviews.

I would like to see a review of mild cigars that have more flavor. Something for the newbies growing their collections.


Nice review, but your set could use some work. Shooting your videos in front of a garage door defeats the rest of the good work you are doing. Investing in a back drop and a couple of decent chairs would help.

Good job on the video…Would it be possible to run a mic closer to you?

Nice review. Chris, who is that new guy ? ;)

Never had one but I am a little tired of all the Nub style cigars so I would go for a different size probably.

Brian – nice drop in the lap buddy haha

Redskins – ROTFLMAO – wow…BAHAHHAAHHHAHAHAHH…ok, I think I got it out of my system….HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – ok, ok, there, I am better now.

Oh and don’t enter me in the contest as I don’t want to take any more cigars from Chris lol – GO STEELERS :p

I think I’ll run out and buy a bunch of $5.50 cigars, put my own bands on them, add $2.50 to the price and call them “boutique”. Why are we being coned into thinking that these small shop re-resellers are worthy of our time? For $8 I can buy a Don Pepin, for crying out loud.

Thanks for the review. I would agree with you on the review of the Robusto. My personal favorite vitola is the Box Press Toro; it does a great job showcasing the notes and characteristics a little bit better than the shorter sticks. The Robusto and the 4SIXTY are a little heavier on the spice and earthy tones. I get more coffee and chocolate with the other two sizes.

Thanks again.

Nice review guy’s. I would try them but it’s in the area of to many darn cigars to get to before them.

Thanks for the review and contest, guys. Keep up the great work!

Hey Chris,

Another interesting Cigar. I have not seen these locally yet, but I’ll keep an eye out.
I for one like the causual set, whether indoors or out. The idea as I’ve always seen it is: a regular guy giving His honest and straight forward opinions of the Handrolled Cigar Experience. I also like that the discussions cover a wide range of topics and info, in addition to the actual review. I have always liked this format. Yes, You could put a banner or cigar posters up and get more comfy chairs, but guess what? Most guy’s are smoking in their garage or outside too. I like the Guest reviewers and the tandem reviews as well. It keeps it interesting and another opinion is always welcome. As far as site layout or new features go. I guess I would like to see a feature that places like cigars in a group. Example might be Mild, Medium and Full Flavor cigars. That will give folks some idea’s on what might work for them, especially New Smokers. I know You do not rate the cigars You review per se, but maybe something as simple as Thumbs Down, Thumbs flat and Thumbs Up graphic. Nobody wants to trash a cigar, but if it doesn’t cut the mustard, it might save someone from buying a box of dog rockets. :)

Thanks for listening and Keep Up the Good Work.

Liked the review. I have to say I have smoked these and the Ideology and really liked both. Liked the box press the best. So much so I’m hoping to get some more… Don’t judge me, yes I’m thinking of myself.

Anyways, the garage door line behind your head is going in and out of your ears. Too many years dabbling in photography. If you can’t help the line just make sure the horizon line, whatever it my be, is level. Okay my OCD has abated.

Gary V.

Hey Brian, where have you been? Its good to see you again. Great review. I prefer when you guys do the reviews in with more than one person. I can get opinions from two independent sources and see how different people rate the same cigar. Or have Chris smoke the Robusto and Brian a Torpedo. You know, mix it up between the 2 reviewers. Its far more informative rather than just getting one person’s view. Good reviews, and GO STEELERS!

Very nice review guys. My be I will kick up some in the middle of February.

Very good review guys. On a cigar run in the middle of Febuary I will try to pick up some.

Great review guys! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about these. I think a fiver purchase is definitely in order.

Chris nice review I for one really dig this stick and its great to see Brian back doing reviews. keep up the great job.

Thanks for the review… was wondering why there were 15 comments on the 262 Paradgim… bribes never hurt!
The cigar doesn’t sound like one I may necessarily search out, but there is nothing wrong with a cigar that is “good”.

I’d like to see a quick review section (just quick text since sometimes I don’t really have the full 9-12 minutes to watch the video reviews) but that’s not really that important.

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