A. Fuente Cuban Belicoso

In early May I purchased a box of Fuente Cuban Belicosos while at at a Fuente event at my local Tinder Box. In the month since then I’ve just about smoked through the entire box… needless to say it’s become and regular in my rotation. Watch the video or read my review to find out what I think… as if it’s hard to tell from the introduction.

Name: Fuente Sungrown
Company: A. Fuente
Made in: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sungrown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republi
Price: $5.90/stick
Comes in: Box of 24
Vitola: Cuban Belicoso (5 3/4″ x 52)

Final Thoughts

If I have to say that there is one guarantee with Fuente products it’s consistency. Every one of the Cuban Belicosos that I smoked from this box had a great burn, draw and volume of smoke. The cigars were also constructed very well. A testament to the construction quality is how well they performed while I smoked them on the golf course. Whether I clinched the cigar between my teeth or threw the cigar down on the tee box before my swing the cigars always continued to burn well.

In addition to the wonder construction aspects the flavor was great as well. The cigar starts off with a combination of mild spice, wood and hay flavors. Quickly the cigar developed a mouth-watering sweetness that only seemed to intensify with each puff. As the sweetness developed the spice took a back burner, and the cigar remained that way until the final quarter of the cigar. During the last potion the spice made a return and finished which let the cigar finish on sweet and spicy kick

To me the Fuente Cuban Belicoso is a great everyday smoke. I’t’s medium body and mild spiciness makes this cigar palatable to just about any cigar smoker. This cigar is box purchase worthy.

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I knew you would like it!!! Great review!!

Sounds like a good stick, will have to keep an eye out for these. Great review.

I’ve always been reluctant to pick up fuente’s because they all look the same to me. I do however make it a point to pick the anejos whenever I can. Looks like I may be missing out so ill have to research them a little and then make the jump. Thanks for the heads up Chris!


Good to see Ya Back. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Fuentes Sun Growns The CB, The Chateau Fuente and Double Chateau Fuente are all great everyday smokes. They develop great flavor and have excellent burn manners. The point of durability on the links is sound as well. They hold up well to all the extra handling and all the picking up and putting down. Plus , if they go out, it’s no big deal to fire them right back up. You do have a point about Some smokes hold up better than others for outdoor activities. There’s another quality that the Sun Growns have, They age very nicely. My fav of this line extention would be the Chateau Fuente it’s a super Robusto with just the right balance of elements.
Cheers! -b

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