Alec Bradley Prensado

Lately I’ve felt like there have been a bunch of cigars that I’d wanted to review, but just hadn’t gotten around to. One of those cigars is the Prensado from Alec Bradley. This cigar made it’s debut in September of 2009, but it’s roots go back to 2006 when the Corojo leaf, that would one day be the wrapper, was harvested. This tobacco was aged and fermented until 2008 when Alan Rubin and his team went to work developing a blend. This process took six months and the result is the cigar I’m smoking today.

Name: Prensado
Company: Alec Bradley
Made In: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Corojo 2006 Trojes, Honduras
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Trojes, Honduras
Price: $9.25
Comes in: Box of 20
Vitola: Robusto (5″ x 50)

Final Thoughts

Performance was not an issue with the Prensado, the draw was perfect and burn was nearly perfect. The ash was strong and held on for approximately 2 inches. The flavor while enjoyable was a little lack luster. The cigar starts off with a blast of bitter cocoa followed up by a bond espresso flavor. The finish was dry, much like a red winde, with notes of wood. Towards the last quarter of the cigar the bitterness of the cocoa became the most dominant flavor, and signaled the proper time to lay the cigar down.

I’d recommend that you give the Alec Bradley Prensado a try. It delivers enjoyable full-bodied flavors but lacks the complexity that I’d like to have in a $9.00 cigar. That said it’s still worth a try, I know I’ll smoke more in the future.

According to my inputs at Your Cigar Ratings I give the Alec Bradley Prensado a 69.

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I have a Holts around the corner for me that has 6-packs for like 20 bucks. This cigar is much better when you get it for about 3.50 a piece

Nice review Chris, I might give one of these a try, but at that price point it might be difficult not choosing something else first.

Hey Chris,
Looks like a much better day to enjoy a cigar there. I have tried a few sizes in this line and share some of You experiences with them. I too, was kind of “meh” about them. I really like the AB Tempus line and find that line more to my palate than these. In fairness I know several smokers whom are crazy about the Prensado line. With the Tempus and the Prensado pretty close in price range, at least here, I find myself reaching for the Tempus much more often. It’s also worth noting that Alec Bradley as a cigar producer has really stepped up their game over the last few years. It’s good to see the new products and more diverse offerings from them.
A side question I meant to ask last week. Do You feel that the colder temps affect Your cigar experience at all? I started smoking cigars while in Alaska and I found that I did not really enjoy smoking outside in cold weather. What’s Your take on that?

Brian, I too am a big fan of the Tempus, especially in the lancero vitola.

I suppose the weather can affect my enjoyment of a cigar, but probably most when the cigar is as you said “meh.” Interesting question though. I’ll have to give it some more thought and maybe pose the question to everyone else in my next review. Should make for some interesting conversation.

I appreciate the cocoa and the cigar has a unique flavor for a Corojo. I would agree on the Tempus. Have you reviewed the Tempus Maduro yet?

No, we haven’t reviewed the Tempus Maduro yet, but that does give me an idea for a future review.

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