Angelenos 2009

Name: Angelenos 2009
Vitola: Robusto 5 1/4×50
Company: Prometheus
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Factory: Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia

First Look: A Light brown colored wrapper covers this cigar. There are a few small viens, overall a nice looking cigar. Its a fairly firm cigar, with a nicely applied triple cap, and a large, but simplistic band. I’m detecting a slight sense of black pepper in the foot. I cut the cigar with a guillotine cut and the prelight draw has no flavors that really jump right out at me. The draw is great, not too loose or too tight. I figured since the cigar had a firm feel to it that it could possibly have a tight draw, but I was wrong.

First Third: The cigar toasted up nicely and produced a fair amount of smoke. A slight spicy wood notes are the first thing I get from this cigar. The spice dropped off really quickly. This left the woody notes to be more prevelant, but a hint of nuts creeps up on me. The nuttiness has a slight tanginess to it that hits me in the middle of my tongue. You can taste the Fuente influences in this cigar. Its no Hemmingway or Anejo, but you can taste the typical Domminican flavors you have in the “regular” Fuente lines. This cigar is really starting to produce alot of smoke now! The ash has a grayish tone to it with a few flakes thats holding on quite nicely. Finishing off the first third, I’m dectecting a very faint sense of sweetness to it.

Second Third: The sweet and tangy senses are pretty interesting. I am starting to taste a heavy leathery note. I am thinking that this cigar would pair nicely with a good whiskey, more than likely a good Irish Whiskey. But, for now, I will continue drinking my water. I am really digging the sweet and leathery notes in this cigar. This is not a full bodied cigar, but more of a medium. It would be nice at the end of a work day with a nice glass of Jameson on the rocks. I deffinately wouldn’t smoke it after a full bodied/flavored cigar, as the flavors could get muted out. But, a Friday evening smoke after a long work week would be ideal for this cigar as its not overpowering, but has nice flavors. Finishing up the second third, the sweetness creeps back up into the smoke. The burn and draw are impeccable. The ash holds on for about an inch and a half and has the same grayish color to it as before.

Final Third: Working into the last portion of the Angelenos, I got a sweet leathery note. The leather turned into a faintly sweet mix of leather and wood. The sweetness faded off towards the end and more of a woody note and less leather.

Final Thoughts: I am glad to see a “High end” cigar company such as Prometheus come out with an affordable good cigar that many people could enjoy. The trend of the last few years was the short stubby smokes, the all power smokes, and the good and affordable smokes. I am glad this is an “affordable” smoke from Prometheus. Its not as low cost as I had wished, but compared to the God of Fire line, it is.
I had been looking for this line in shops for a while. When I came upon it, I had to buy it. Now I am wishing I had gotten a few more to enjoy later on. The higher prices of Prometheus (God of Fire) had always kept me from trying them. This cigar is about half the cost of the God of Fires, at about $10, and is pretty good smoke. Its nothing overpowering (body or flavor), but an overall good medium and mellow smoke. A good cigar that most could enjoy.

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