New Ash: Augusto Reyes Grand Cru

The Augusto Reyes Grand Cru is another cigar that Ben graciously sent me after attending the 2009 IPCPR Convention. I’ve never had this cigar before so what you will get with this video is my initial impressions of the cigar. The Grand Cru is a Dominican puro and contains a variety of tobacco including Piloto Cubano, Cubano and Criollo ’98. I did a little research and found that this is the most full-flavored cigar that Augusto Reyes makes, so it should be right up my alley. Time to cut and light and see how this stick smokes.

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Great review!

Shame it is bad, but being so strong, I probably would not have enjoyed it anyway. Is a GREAT price point, but not if the cigar is crappy :(


I have been looking for a review on the Augusto Reyes line for a while now. It loos like is a no no for the Gran Cru. Heard from a friend that the Epicure line are not that good either.

Try the Augusto Reyes Nativo blend. Got the 6.5×54 Belicoso for $60.00 off of CI. It’s much better than what you were describing with the Grand CRU. I mean it’s a relatively unknown brand, which has an astronomical MSRP. But if you want a great cigar for a great price, it’s hard to beat the Nativo.

I haven’t tried the Nativo belicoso yet, but I have given the lancero a couple tries. Not a bad stick, just not high on my list of lanceros. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to find a couple to try.

I haven’t really tried much if any lancero-sized cigars. I just got into smoking around 2 years ago and really have just been into the bigger ringed sticks. The Oliva V torpedo really got my attention early on so I guess I’ve just been drawn to cigars more like that. I’ve had the AR Nativo toro which is more like a gran corona at 6×46 and to me there’s a big difference between that and the belicoso. What kind of lancero’s do you recommend?

Also I’ve come up on a box of AR Gran Cru belicoso’s for $28 on Cigar Bid. They were so cheap, so I figured why not. Once I get them in I’ll let you know how they are, and if they’re good I can send you a few.

I had a five pack of these and I could only keep one lit half way down. To me, this could have been a pretty tasty stick but because it is the only cigar that I have had that I couldn’t keep lit, I would never buy them again. What a piece of junk.



Just got finished with this cigar and I was pleased with this one. I had no problems with the burn or ash and it stayed even all the way to the nub with no heat at the end.This cigar drew great and produced a lot of smoke. Described as a fuul body I would have to say for me it was more medium as I am more fond of Hondurans and Nicaraguans. The taste was a little bitter throughout but finished strong. I think these will rest in the humi a while and perhaps be a better smoke. Overall this was a good smoke with a great white ash and burned evenly all the way to the nub. As always, I think the key to a good even burn begins with the light. Not the best cigar I have ever had, but a pretty good one for the money.

I really like the Augusto Reyes grand cru i didn’t have any problems.It really liked the taste of this cigar and it burned very evenly.I will order more but the larger ring size. Great review.

Augusto Reyes Gran Cru Toro – Looked great, felt great, then I lit it. Same as above, this stick would not stay lit. It was very frustrating and I finally threw it out. Have 4 more to try. Will give it another chance.

I found your review on this stick to be pretty close to my experience with the toro size. The wrapper is quite rustic and burns very irregular. The power is there, but isn’t too complex as it is mainly spice and leathery with hint of sweetness. The taste isn’t bad, just pretty much what I feel is almost one dimensional. I, too, think the Nativo is a fair bit better in that I would buy a box of those, but I’m not interested enough in these to do so. Toward the end the cigar is a bit hot. I feel this cigar would be better toward 60% and I will try to “dry box” the next one I try and see if that changes the burn and taste. As smoked this stick did not particularly impress and feel it isn’t my “cup-of-tea”, after enjoying other Augusto Reyes cigars I simply expected a better experience only stronger, but found that really did not pan out.

Ridiculous burn. WTF? Thats mess is hilarious!

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