Bombay Tobak Gaaja Toro

Bombay Tobak hit the market by storm not too long ago and still has a nice presence in social media. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t see a cigar picture from Bombay Tobak. A while ago I reviewed their KeSara Vintage Reserve Nikka and found it to be quite an enjoyable smoke. Today I am going to take a look at the “Gaaja.” The Gaaja has been on the market since July of 2016 and seems to be a favorite of many. The Gaaja is the first of its kind for the company being that its their first box pressed cigar.


Gaaja 1


Cigar Stats

Size: 6×54

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut desflorado, Variety Hybrid Mejorado 2004

Binder: Ecuador HVA Seca Mejorada

Filler: Perú Hybrid Habano, Ecuador criollo 98, Paraguay Hybrid Habano 2000, Dominican Criollo 98 & Dominican HVA Mejorado

Country: Costa Rica

Price*: $15.50**


Gaaja 2


First Looks

This is an absolutely beautiful cigar. The wrapper is just about seamless, very smooth, no tooth, and very miniscule veins. The band has some pretty cool lighter colors that go along well with the beautiful hybrid Connecticut wrapper leaf. A deeply applied double cap allows for a variety of sized cuts and cut options.

The foot has aromas of straw, a bit of sweetness and a light wood note. The prelight draw has some resistance to it and offers up flavors of wood and a hint of potpourri.


Gaaja 3



The draw stayed around the same thickness as I got in the prelight draw. It was a little thicker than I typically like. But it was not too thick for my likings. The burn was a little off at times as I find pretty common with box pressed cigars. The first ash fell quite quickly and caught me off guard. Past that, the ashes with hues of gray and dirty white with a few flakes lasted well past an inch.


Gaaja 4



The first few draws I get a nice smooth flavor profile. There are notes of wood, some white pepper and very small hints of potpourri as well as a slight sweetness on the back part of the draw. The white pepper goes away fairly quickly into the cigar, but the wood retains some of the spice the white pepper gave off. Soon there after, the potpourri turns into a herbal, almost floral flavor. I like how the smoke has a bit of spice, but still retains its smoothness & slightly sweet tone. The more I get into the cigar, the smoother the smoke gets, the wood proclaims itself into a cedar and the lesser the spice gets. Ending the first portion, the cedar marries with the ample sweetness and coexists well with the herbal notes I find throughout the smoke.

During the middle portion, the creamy smooth sweetened cedar and herbal notes are abundant as before. The cedar still has a bit of a spice kick, but its muddled down by the sweet tones. The herbal and floral tones still peak their heads out periodically, but not as much as before. Getting into the middle point of the cigar, I get a hint of a light to medium roasted coffee flavor. The past two of these cigars I had, I paired with coffee and worked quite well. It seemed to shine more in the middle and now that I am enjoying this cigar sans-coffee I see why. The sweetness that adhered itself to the cedar now is with the coffee more and the cedar a bit less. Some of the natural tobacco notes are now starting to show through, but no where near as abundant as the cedar, coffee and occasional herbal & creamy notes. The herbal spice is in the back half of the draw, but really shines in the retrohale as well as some of the sweetness.

During the final portion. the natural tobacco flavors start to pick up in strength some. The other flavors are easing off in strength and there is a new flavor in the profile that I can’t place my finger on. Its almost an earthy, leathery but somewhat bitter note. Its nothing too off to throw off the flavors, but its a bit noticeable. Getting towards the end, some of the white pepper comes back into the mix and starts to fight with the new unnamed flavor of who will be stronger. The coffee flavor is now a bit lesser in strength and to be honest, I wish it would have stuck around at its previous glory. Towards the very end, the spice picked up in strength with the previously mentioned white pepper. Key flavors at the end are the natural tobacco, some spice and hints of the cedar from before. The cigar ended pretty cool, no harshness, fairly creamy and pleasant.


Gaaja 5


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this cigar, its flavors and their smoothness. The one thing keeping me to really really enjoying this cigar was its price tag. There’s not too many cigars that I will purchase past the $13 range; that’s just me. After $13 they get into the “special occasion” type of cigar in my book. Don’t get me wrong, there are some interesting hybrid tobaccos and good flavors in this cigar that I can see where the price comes into play. Worth a try? Oh, most definitely! The few times I paired with some medium roast coffee it was a great cigar. But you don’t have to pair it with coffee, I just found it worked out better for me that way. The only flavor I didn’t care too much for was the “unnamed” flavor. I didn’t hate it, but it seemed to not do too much for the flavor profile.


* This cigar was provided to me, unsolicited, from Bombay Tobak Cigars for this review (prior to any FDA regulations).  Many thanks to those great people for the opportunity to review this cigar!

** Price via Serious Cigars

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