Brick House

The Brick House was first introduced in 1937 by J.C. Newman as a Havana Clear. Havana Clears were cigars rolled in the United States with Cuban tobacco. Fast forward to the present and J.C. Newman has reintroduced this line of cigars now using Nicaraguan tobacco. The new line was introduced at the 2009 IPCPR trade show and quickly hit shelves in the fall.

Name: Brick House
Company: J.C. Newman
Made in: Esteli, Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $4.75 per stick
Comes in: Boxes of 25
Vitola: Corona Larga (6 1/4″ X 46)

The Brick House has a fairly rustic looking wrapper with a nice oily sheen. The veins are recognizable to the touch, but are not hard. Construction appeared spot on as I could not detect and hard or soft spots in the cigar nor could I notice the turns in the wrapper leaf. Pre-light aroma was classic rich tobacco, with hints of cedar at the foot. After snipping the cap I found a perfect draw which had a deep tobacco flavor.

Throughout the smoking experience the Brick House performed exceptionally. The cigar burned evenly and produced tons of rich smoke. The first third of this cigar had a deep earthly flavor that was complemented with hints of wood and Jalapeno/chili pepper heat. The earthiness and pepper flavors remained consistent throughout the cigar, but as I got into the last two thirds of this cigar I began to notice more of a nuttiness instead of the woodsy flavors. I’d put the Brick House in the medium-full body category, but it certainly is full of flavor.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Brick House. I find that it’s a perfect cigar while on the golf course or sitting in your favorite chair. Simply said, the Brick House is a solid everyday cigar. I’d highly recommend giving it a try. If you have given the Brick House a try already then please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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I have only ever tried 1 or 2 of these and they did nothing for me. I thought they were too strong for what they were offering. Maybe with some age on them they will be better. I will have to revisit them sometime in the future.


Nice! Liked the look of the stick, too

I enjoy the Brick House very much. I think it’s a nice departure from the other lines that J.C. Newman puts out. It’s an excellent cigar and you can’t beat the price.

I have been on the fence on whether or not to try these cigars. With your glowing review, I think I’ll pick one up next time I hit up my B&M. Thanks for the review.

One thing I have noticed throughout your reviews is that you have 3 levels of excitement: 1. Very excited. 2. Every day smoke/Golf cigar. and 3. Yard Gar. Not sure if this is intentional, but I figured it might be interesting to you. Of note, you don’t really have a “bad” cigar category (at least not in the reviews I have seen). I hope that this is helpful feedback.

Have a great day.

The Brick House is one of my “go to” cigars. I almost always pick a few up when visiting my local shop. Along with the CAO La Traviata, the Brick House is one of the best bargains on the market.

Great stogie, especially for the price. Lots of body, plenty of strength, plenty of flavor…all for a very attractive pricetag that blew me away when I found out it was from the same people who peddle the incredibly overpriced Diamond Crown and Maximus lines.

Great review of the Brickhouse. I’ll love to try these, they seem to be right up my alley.

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