Camacho Coyolar Puro

The Coyolar Puro was released by Camacho in 2005 as a new full-bodied blend and was added to a line-up that already featured a few full-bodied cigars. The tobacco in this cigar is all from a single farm named Coyolar, hints the name.

Name: Coyolar
Company: Camacho
Wrapper: Authentic Coyolar
Binder: Authentic Coyolar
Filler: Authentic Coyolar
Made In: Danli, Honduras
Price: $6.25
Comes in: Box of 25
Vitola: Rothschild (4.5″ x 50)


The Coyolar Puro comes in a cellophane wrapper and is dressed with a black band and gold trim. The color of the wrapper is a dark shade of brown, which is nearly as dark as the black band. In addition to the dark color, the wrapper is exrtremely veiny. Some of the veins are small and the others are large and can be felt by the fingers. The texture is toothy and slightly dry. The bunching seems consistent thoughout the length of the cigar, however, it’s consistently spongy. A few sniffs fo the wrapper and foot yield a musty barnyard aroma that is mostly comprised of a manure based aroma.

Smoke, Flavor and Burn

Using a soft-flame lighter I got even combustion of the foot. The first few puffs were extremly bitter like day old coffee and left a stinging sensation on the outside portion of my tongue. Approximately a 1/4 inch into the cigar I began to pick up some woodsy flavors along with a flavor that to me is exactly like a burnt marshmallow. Throughout the first half of the cigar the stinging sensation on my tongue faded away as I could begin to pick up weak spice notes.

The deeper I got into this cigar the more of a chore it became. The bitterness returned and seemed even stonger than before and the burn line became so crooked that I was unable to correct it with and re-lights or touch-ups. The core flavors remained the same, which were not bad, but the increasing bitterness forced me to set the cigar down a few times.

Final Thoughts

For this review I picked up three sticks from a local B&M, and they all performed the exact same way. This was disappointing to me because I remember the Coyolar being much better when I first smoked them in the couple years following its release. The core flavors that I could pick up on were plesant and something I could see myself enjoying on a regular basis. However, the bitterness and burn issues are a quick turn off and will likely keep me from trying another Colyolar for a long time.

All things considered I would suggest trying this cigar based off my previous experience. My memory won’t let me black list this cigar since I remember enjoying it years ago but the samples I had over the last few weeks were honestly dreadful. Perhaps it was an issue with the box I purchased from, which is sadly all I can report on.

As always I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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Could Camacho be going down hill sine the sale…?? I find CAO to be unimpressive as of late and winder if big tobacco influence and Mass production hurt these brands?

I enjoy smoked the Camacho 10th Anniversary and Diplomacy. Camacho Cigar needs which it’s back to the core/basic making a good cigar( good Favors and smoothness). Great review Chris….

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