Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years

Today I’m gonna go old school by presenting you with a written review and without giving anything away, I really wish I had recorded a video for this one. The Exodus 1959 50 Years was released in the fall of 2009. It features a Brazilian Arapiraca Sun Grown wrapper and Nicaraguan filler from two different regions.

This cigar came wrapped in cellophane. If you’re familiar with the other Exodus cigars then you’ll recognize the band. The only change here is that it’s copper (instead of black or silver) and includes a secondary band that bares the 50 Years name. The wrapper is a dark shade of brown which shimmers in the light from the oils. The oils are also recognizable to the touch, as is a slightly rough texture. Construction on these sticks is excellent. Tons of tobacco is packed into this cigar which makes for a very solid feeling cigar. The aroma of the wrapper is nothing short of mouth watering. The combination of horse stables and wood really caught my attention.

Name: Exodus 1959 50 Years
Company: Torano
Made in: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Sun Grown
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan from Esteli and Pueblo Nuevo
Price: $7.20 per stick
Comes in: Boxes of 24
Vitola: Short Churchill (6″ X 48)

As soon as I fired this cigar I my palate was filled with robust flavors of coffee and dark chocolate. The draw was abolutely perfect and filled my mouth with abundant thick smoke. As I worked my way through the first inch I could begin to notice a slight spice in the background as well as some sweetness reminiscent of dried cherries or raisins. This cigar burned beautifully and the ash was holding well.

Getting into the second third of the Exodus 50 Years I began to notice the spice slowly building in strength. The spice combined with the dark chocolate flavors made for a interesting combination that only got better as more complexity was added. The cigar continued to burn and draw perfectly as the first 2.5 inches of ash fell from the cigar. At this point I was in pure heaven with this stick.

Towards the end the Exodus really picked up some steam and became a full-bodied flavor bomb. An assortment of flavors such as dark chocolate, spice, wood and leather coated my palate. I continued to take small puffs from the cigar and expelled massive amounts of thick smoke.

I’m just not a good enough writer to completely explain how great the Exodus 50 Years is. Everything about this cigar, from the construction, flavors and size pulled at this cigar junky’s heart strings. This is no doubt a box worthy cigar in my book.

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Verrrry nice! It even *looks* chocolate-y. Do these ever show up in samplers?

Nice ashtray, too.

Nice review. I had different feelings on the stick. I tried it once and wasn’t crazy about it. I tried it again and still wasn’t impressed. IMO, it’s okay, but not nearly as good as the original Exodus 1959, which I love.

Regarding your preference of review styles, here’s my take on the matter: I can read a cigar review in 2 or 3 minutes, far less time than the 10…15…20…30 minutes that some video cigar reviews tend to go on (and on and on and on…). When a video review goes too long it tends to get repetitive and rambling, whereas if you do that in words you are typing, you tend to edit yourself and get right to the point. No “dead air.” No images of guying shoving cigars into one nostril or the other. And it works on whatever browser you use on whatever platform you’re viewing the website (most embedded videos don’t work on my Droid, which is supposed to support Flash, as far as I know). Write more…you’ll get better and more comfortable with it as you do.

Thanks for the review, Chris. Sounds like a great stick. I’ll have to give it a try!

After smoking almost a full box full of these, all I can say is what a phenomenal smoke!! Spicy yet complex, expresso and chocolate and leather tastes!! Absolutly the best Torano out there..and being a Toranosaur from way back, I’ve smoked em all!!

Thanks for the review Chris. Friend of mine swears by these sticks, think I need to head over for a sampling. :)

I have smoked five of these and the draw was poor on all of them. The tobacco was too tightly packed. Flavors were nice, if only you didn’t have to fight with them so much.

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