Carlos Torano Signature Collection

The Carlos Torano Signature collection was released in 2000 with five different vitolas to choose from. This line of cigars features a blend of tobacco from four countries and is intended to be medium to full-bodied. Over the years I’ve smoked my fair share of these in various sizes, but for this review I sat down with the robusto.

Name: Signature Collection
Company: Carlos Torano
Made In: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Sun Grown Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Broadleaf
Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano Ligero & Nicaraguan Habano Ligero
Price: $7.25
Comes in: Box of 20
Vitola: Robusto (5″ x 52)

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing that I have learned to expect from the Torano family it’s consistency; and the Signature Collection is no different. The construction of these cigars was always great which lead to a perfect draw, tons of smoke, even burns and long strong ashes. The flavor wasn’t bad either. A combination of cocoa and coffee seemed to be the core flavors and was accompanied by a bitter grassy finish. Generally I’m not a fan of a grassy flavor notes, but in this cigar it was not off-putting.

The Signature Collection is by far not my favorite Torano product, but I think there is space in my humidor for a few. Nothing about the flavor really grabbed my attention and tempted me smoke more, but the smoking experience was still enjoyable. The real high-point to these cigars is the consistency, as every sample in recent memory has smoked just as well as the last.

According to my inputs at Your Cigar Ratings I give the Carlos Torano Signature Collection a 67.

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By far the best Sig is the perfecto…if you can find any, grab em. Head and shoulders above the rest of the signature collection! Like M&M’s baby, can’t have just one!!

Another excellent review.
I love the Signature line. Each size has it’s fans. For me, the Toro does the trick. I’ve found it the most consistant of the line. This line can be a touch rough right out of the gate, but give them just a bit of Humidor time and They improve greatly. I cut my smoking teeth on the Torano Exodus Gold and Silverlines. But, My go to favorite is the Signature Toro. With it’s excellent burn Characteristics and consistently rewarding Flavors, I just love them.

Just smoked a 4 year old Torano Signature Perfecto. I have never really liked this cigar, but I figured after considerable time aging it would be more enjoyable.

It features a Brazilian Maduro wrapper, and after clipping, it had a very easy draw. This is not good as it may allow for it to heat up to quickly and go harsh.

Flavors are mostly woody with a touch of pepper. The aroma has that typical “barnyard” smell that accompanies Brazilian tobacco. And as expected the cigar is getting too hot.

So to keep tabs on why I don’t like this cigar: I don’t really like the taste and the construction was not suitable. Time in the Vault did not help this disappointing stick one bit.

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