Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 Churchill

Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 Lead Photo

The Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 is a limited production cigar with only 60,000 sticks making it to U.S. soil. It was created to honor the company’s namesake and what he has contributed to the industry. The original release came in 2004. Each box is individually numbered. A mix of five-year old tobaccos comprise the Tribute, including filler from Estelí and Jalapa, Nicaragua, a Nicaraguan binder from Toraño’s exclusive Pueblo Nuevo farm (also featured in the CAO Lx2) and are encased in a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper that has been triple fermented. There are a total of three vitolas in the line: a robusto, a torpedo, and today’s smoke, the Churchill.

Company: Carlos Toraño
Made In: Honduras
Made by: Carlos Toraño
Size: 7″ x 48
Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina Triple Fermented
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
MSRP: $9/ $180 for a box of 20


The wrapper is a rich oscuro that is nearly black, and is very toothy with no visible seams. The cap is brilliantly applied and leaves very little tell-tale sign as to where it stops. A quick feel reveals this stogie is thickly and evenly packed throughout. The cap came off in a thin sliver under the blades of my guillotine cutter. Lots of earthy, barnyard aromas at the foot. Two classic bands adorn the head. They are black with gold leaf trim and the familiar green castle frontmark.

First Third

From the first puff I got deep oaky flavors and some heavy pepper flavors along with it, but not so much that it stung the palette. A nearly pure white ash with tight concentric rings developed. The flavor mellowed out about an inch in, and nicely presented themselves harmoniously. Copious amounts of white smoke poured from both ends. It was burning t-square straight. The draw had just a hint of resistance like I prefer. A perfect amount of smoke in the mouth. The ash came off after an inch and a half.

Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 Photo 1

Second Third

This portion started off with nice rich coffee and earthy flavors, and soon some nice meaty flavors come in as well. The burn and draw stayed consistent, as well as the amount of smoke. A slight flaw in the wrapper (from mishandling on my part) threw off the burn some, but a quick touch up with my torch quickly corrected it, and the even burn continued.

Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 Photo 2

Last Third

The earthy barnyard flavors from the start of the cigar returned, and the construction remained exceptional. The draw remained smooth, and never got hot. The band’s easily came off, and I smoked it down until my knuckles were burning.

Carlos Toraño Tribute 2008 Photo 3

Final Thoughts

The Toraño Tribute is an exceptional cigar, worthy of its name. It has a sneaky strength that doesn’t show up until you stand up. The first time I smoked one of these I stood up after the near two hour smoking time, and was like “Damn!” The second was no exception. I can’t recommend these enough. Very full flavored and not quite that strong it body, it has a long finish that will leave you wanting another.

Recommendation: Get some while they last.

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Charile! Excellent review my friend. Really need to get off my butt and track these down. I’ve loved all the previous versions of the Tribute and it sounds like the 2008 will be no different.

One question, what exactly does it mean for the wrapper to be triple fermented? Whats the benefit and whats the normal amount a wrapper is fermented?

I haven’t had one of the new ones, but I have loved the previous ones. Awesome review.

Great review. I think this is the best Tribute yet. It seemed to have a lot of characteristics of the Virtuoso.

Jerry…From Tobacconist University:


Originally, the ‘legendary’ Cohiba brand was the only Cuban cigar to undergo a 3rd Fermentation. This Fermentation took place in barrels at lower than usual temperatures. The result of the 3rd Fermentation gave the Cohiba a richer and more nuanced flavor profile.

The concept of a 3rd Fermentation may simply be a marketing concept which makes that product seem more special. As we have learned, “over-fermentation” will exhaust the Tobacco of its organoleptic properties: too much Fermentation will ruin tobacco leaf. Perhaps the concept of a 3rd Fermentation is really another period of Añejamiento, or slow aging.

Excellent review. Need to find some of these.

I’ve found Torano’s offerings to be really wonderful. If I ever get a chance to pick one of these up I’m springing for it!

Great review Charlie, thanks!

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