Casa Magna Colorado Pikito

Happy Memorial day everyone. On behalf of all of the ash-holes here at Nice Tight Ash I’d like to extend our deepest thanks to our military service members, past and present; we are forever in your debt.

Today I have a short written review of a cigar that was provided by Cigars Direct. The Casa Magna came with a lot of buzz after being named the “2008 Cigar of the Year” by Cigar Aficionado. As a result many shops had a hard time keeping them on their shelves. In the interest of keeping this short, I’ll get right into the review.

Name: Casa Magna Colorado
Made in: Esteli, Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: less than $5.00
Comes in: Box of 42
Vitola: Petit Corona (4 3/4″ X 42)

First Half

Right out of the gate the Casa Magna Colorado was full bodied and strong, there was no build-up for this cigar. The smoke was heavy with the predominant flavors of earth and leather. Within the first inch a harsh black pepper note became apparent through the retro-hale. Oddly enough, the same black pepper note was pleasant on the palate. Sadly, the draw on this cigar was extremely tight which made each puff a chore. The ash was firm and fell after about two inches. Towards the end of the first half hints of coffee began to appear, but that did little to perk my interest.

Second Half

On the bright side, the draw was beginning to loosen but not enough to make drawing on the cigar much easier. The flavor combination of earth, leather, black pepper and coffee remained as they built in strength. Normally, I enjoy a strong cigar, but in the case of the Casa Magna I did not. During the second half of this cigar I began to develop a headache and a queasy stomach. Wish I could blame this on some good booze, but I paired this cigar with water. With approximately 1.5 inches left to go I sat the Casa Magna down in the ashtray and never picked it back up… except to snap this picture.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried the Casa Magna Colorado multiple times over the last year and a half, and although some have been better than others, my general opinion is that this cigar is not very good. But why is that the case, I ask myself. The only conclusion I can come to is that the tobacco must need some additional aging. The combination of flavors in this cigar would normally be right up my alley; however, there is a harshness that makes enjoying the Casa Magna nearly impossible. I can’t remember a time that I felt sick after smoking a cigar, but I’m committing this one to memory.

Until next time… Nothing beats a Nice Tight Ash.

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Great review man. I also do not care for the Casa Magna. I keep wanting to pick a couple up to age but just can’t bring myself to spend more money on them.


First one I ever smoked was very strong with ammonia, indicating insufficient age. I had another I got at the same time and let it sit for 6 months or more before smoking it and it was much better. The problem is that I’ve seen consistency problems with both the Colorado and the Oscuro varieties of CM…one will be great, the next complete crap. I’m about ready to give up on this brand.

Nice review Ive tried this smoke three times and all three times didnt like at all. I got the ammonia taste from start to finish believe in trying a stick more then once anyone can have a bad one but three nope, crap for me… keep up the great work.

I had almost the exact same experience with the Pikito — I couldn’t finish it. However, the Robustos I’ve had range from good to great.

Don’t know about this one. Sounds like a no no. I’ve heard quite a few bad comments about the line. There are so many good options available, why risk it on a “maybe” cigar.

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Wow, thats odd you got a little sick from it..
I was hopping to try one of these one day. As small as they are they are probly a flavor bomb.

The Casa Magna Colorado Robusto is one of my favorite cigars, and I usually pick up at least one when I visit my local tobacconist. But I agree that the Pikito is not that great. Everything is too harsh about it.

Great review! Strange..I had the exact same experience, didn;t love the first half, felt sick to my stomach shortly thereafter…I also love full/ strong cigars and never get sick from the strength. Wonder what in the blend accounts for this common feeling of nausea?

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