Cheap Ash: Gispert Lonsdale

The Gispert line of cigars is produced by Altadis U.S.A. These cigars are produced in Honduras and are draped in a Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian wrapper. Looking back at many of my past reviews I noticed I was smoking a lot of medium to full bodied cigars, so I’m hoping this stick will be a pleasant change of direction. Since I paid $4.00 for this cigar, and it can be found cheaper online, it definitely qualifies as a cheap ash. Check out the video to find out how it smokes.

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Another great review!

I actually had one of these the other day and absolutely hated it! Maybe i got a bad stick but it had hardly any flavors, burnt hot just after smoking maybe 1/3 of it, wrapper came undone, bubbled, split…it was just horrible.


Received several Gispert from my barber – very cool barber. Had said they are agreat value smoke. Maybe he was trying to unload them . . .
Very dry, little to no taste, almost reminded me of Dutch Masters.
Oh well, he still gives a good haircut.


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